Bullies Tarnishing Anne’s Oscar Shine?

She was billed as America’s princess when she starred alongside Julie Andrews in the movie that made her famous.  She may be known for her classic beauty and starring roles in blockbuster movies but lately, Anne Hathaway is known more as the actress people love to hate.  One Google search for the new Oscar winner turns up a medley of criticisms, everything from the Oscar dress debacle, to her mannerisms in her Oscar acceptance speech. “Hathahaters” have made Anne Hathaway the latest victim of cyber bullying.


Reaching the big 3-0 this year, Hathaway has hit several high notes this year.  She starred in two successful box office movies, got married and won her first Oscar for her performance as the Fantine in Les Misérables.  Why isn’t she getting more praise than criticism for such a successful year?

According to an article in the Huffington Post, her Oscar speech came across as rehearsed and insincere.  The actress received such a beating regarding her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, wouldn’t you imagine that she would practice a speech in case she followed up the success of her previous big award wins?  Was it cocky for her to think she may take home the Oscar? The Web just cannot cut the girl some slack!


Controversy arose again when her pink Prada gown worn at the Oscars appeared on worst dressed lists.  Hathaway released a statement the following day apologizing for disappointing fans by not wearing the Versace gown she had originally picked.  It turned out that Hathaway’s co-star Amanda Seyfried just happened to be wearing a similar dress that made Anne freak out!  Following the pink dress “flop,” she even apologized for her dress choice. Talk about people pleaser!

There is no question that the attention Anne is receiving tends toward cyber bullying.  Anderson Cooper even joined the Hathaway defense on his show supporting Anne against the backlash. Although she is an A-list actress, the question does arise of where to draw the line.  Why is it okay to bash her because she is in the limelight? At some point, it is just as much bullying as what happens in schools. With the media issues of bullying more prominent now than ever, Anne’s haters should be considered part of the problem.  Bullying in the classrooms will not end until young, impressionable students learn that picking on people no matter what your place is in life is unacceptable. At the end of the day, you do not have to like everybody but if you can’t say something nice maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all.

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3 Responses to Bullies Tarnishing Anne’s Oscar Shine?

  1. Morgan Theys says:

    The awards season has always been a time of controversy. There’s already a backlash with the projected winners, deciding whether they are worthy of a Golden Globe or Oscar win. But worse comes the entertainment behind these awards. It is unfortunate how Anne Hathaway, who has shown herself to be the perfect idol, has been a target of such anger toward her demeanor, dress and character. And it has become much easier for the media and the public to advocate against the actress with the prominence of the Internet and fast-paced technology. Videos and articles can go viral in an instant. And it seems that this is what Hathaway has been subjected to. She just cannot get a break. However, with the beauty of current events, this backlash and scrutiny may subside as time goes on and the new cycle of motion pictures releases continues.

  2. Devon Shaw says:

    I think that a lot has changed since Anne Hathaway first became famous. People don’t want the well-rehearsed polite acceptance speeches. Look at Jennifer Lawrence’s acceptance for Best Actress, and her interview with reporters after the Oscars! Her candid moments and honest on-the-spot responses have made her widely popular with the public. Even when she admits to taking a shot right before her interviews, Lawrence’s unscripted, genuine responses have made her an overnight star.

  3. Kayla Pologa says:

    This story truly disappointing. With the elegance of the dress, the stars and the award show itself, I would expect Hollywood and those enamored with it to have a higher level of class. Why does it matter that the speech may have been rehearsed? Everyone in that audience is hoping to bring home an Oscar, and it should come as no surprise if, they too, prepared for the moment. She gave a riveting performance in Les Miserables, and the Academy chose to honor her. The critics need to respect that — especially since many of them may not have ever been and will never be in her position. Sure, Anne’s speech consisted of the normal, “Oh my, I am so surprised, I’d like to thank my crew and everyone I’ve ever met.” But, I think the acceptance she gave was truly heartfelt.

    She added her own genuine elements to what she said and that should not be taunted.

    Not only that, I feel that despite her never-ending saga of “Hathahaters,” she deals with the issue with the upmost class — the character trait of a true, humble star.

    “Here is hoping that some day in the not too distant future, the misfortunes of Fontine will only be heard in stories and never more in real life.”

    And for Anne, I hope the same is true for what should be her Oscar glory.

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