Why He Doesn’t Speak Your Language

Most women who have ever dated a man have asked themselves, or their sisters, or their friends, or their neighbors or strangers sitting next to them on a bus why he is terrible at communicating.  Why can’t he just express his feelings!?

Well, according to research from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, this might be because the female brain has more of the language protein than the male brain (via PR Daily).

In tests conducted on rats, and monitoring of children, the protein associated with language was more prevalent in the language center of the brain in females than males. So at least, as children, it seems that girls may possess more of an innate propensity toward language.

So maybe that explains it ladies! It’s not that he won’t communicate, it’s that he can’t.

Except, probably not in practice. The PR Daily article tries to explain what that information might mean.  And sorry, girls. While this research might lead us to believe that males just cannot communicate the way that females can, in practice, PR experts interviewed pretty much debunk the theory.  Overall, they say that men and women can both be good or terrible communicators, and that it all comes down to ability to empathize.

And if we think logically about it in relation to our field, some of the great and well-known PR practitioners are male. It seems that the findings of the language study do not really have anything to do with the male ability to be a communicator. Clearly, they can function as PR practitioners at the same level as women.

While there may be a language protein that is more prevalent in females, there still seems to be an equality between male and female communicators.  What the ability to communicate really comes down to, according to the PR Daily article, and my own beliefs, is each person’s unique set of traits.  Some men are more expressive than others, some females are more taciturn than others.

But ladies, if you need to comfort yourselves when he isn’t texting you back — I know I sometimes do — you can certainly take the research and run with it.

Your thoughts?

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4 Responses to Why He Doesn’t Speak Your Language

  1. Morgan Theys says:

    It’s very interesting to note that women have more of the language protein than men. This would clearly explain why women love talking about their feelings and lives with one another. However, men, from what I have observed, are much more conservative when expressing themselves. I also think it depends on the person’s personality, too. For example, I am much more reserved when it comes to speaking with certain people. And same goes with my male friends. Some of them have constantly been ready to tell me every detail of their life’s story. Women may have one more protein in the brain, but when it comes down to it, personalities and characteristics will illustrate your communicative nature.

  2. Amy Villarreal says:

    This research finally explains what is wrong with the male inability to talk about their feelings. So, thank you for sharing this. I know you say this has no bearing on whether men are effective PR practitioners, but I think it’s worth questioning their approach. I have no doubt that men are great at PR, so maybe some are better at communicating for others rather than themselves. Interesting study.

  3. Montserrat Camacho De Anda says:

    I think that this is some great insight about male communication skills and on behalf of a lot of gals, thanks so much for letting us know that it is a matter of language protein that sometimes causes difficulty communicating with guys. Personally, I think that while the study suggests that women are more prone to communicating their feelings, I think it is more of a personality/character issue. I do know some girls that do not like sharing their feelings and guys who just can’t wait to talk to you about their day-to-day activities.

  4. Clare Hahne says:

    Personality plays a big factor in how genders behave. Ultimately, I think there are exceptions to every rule, but I think the material also plays a role. Where there are excellent male practitioners in PR, they probably do not have to have personal conversations that gush every feeling they have. Maybe it has more to do with interacting with people in general. Some of the most social people also keep mostly to themselves. Overall, this is a very useful insight on the deeply complicated minds of men.

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