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Social Media Mirrors Oscar Magic

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences stepped up its social media game at the 85th Oscars on Feb 24. Playing on a few of the nominated movies (Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman), the Academy set … Continue reading

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Burger King Twitter Hack

On Feb 18, word surfaced on Twitter that Burger King was sold to McDonalds. The fast-food company’s Twitter got hacked by an outsider who changed their profile picture to the Golden Arches and tweeted racial slurs and drug references, according … Continue reading

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Why He Doesn’t Speak Your Language

Most women who have ever dated a man have asked themselves, or their sisters, or their friends, or their neighbors or strangers sitting next to them on a bus why he is terrible at communicating.  Why can’t he just express … Continue reading

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Finger-pointing Shapes Public Spat

As novice public relations professionals, we are aware of setbacks we may potentially face with clients. However, possibly the worst case scenario would be working hard to create a new public perception of a client… and then not getting paid! … Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner Triggers Stable of Problems

A controversy has erupted across Continental Europe involving Nestlé. After the discovery of horse meat and “traces” of horse DNA in two of their beef products, the Swiss-based company launched a voluntary recall to get them off store shelves. Nestlé … Continue reading

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49ers Penalize Player for Foul Comments

Even after four years of sitting through countless high school football games (I played the piccolo and flute in the marching band), I still cannot follow football and all of its terms.  1st down, 2nd down … what?  But in … Continue reading

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A Three-Hour Tour: Cruise Industry Faces Flood of Questions

On Valentine’s Day, the Carnival Triumph that had lost power four days earlier, finally sailed into Mobile Bay. The ship returned more than 4,000 travelers to land, along with a flood of new questions about cruise line-safety. A fire in … Continue reading

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Buffett Invests in PR Along with Big-Ticket Acquisitions

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett purchased another multimillion-dollar company to add to his holdings in mid February. Joining Buffett’s portfolio with the likes of Coca-Cola and Wells Fargo is none other than the ketchup giant H.J. Heinz Company. The $23-billion deal that … Continue reading

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Runway 2.0 Re-Designs Fashion, Social Media

Audience members were encouraged to use their phones and tablets during the Kenneth Cole Fall 2013 Runway Show Live from New York Fashion Week. “During the @kennethcole runway show, out of respect for other members of the audience please make sure your … Continue reading

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IOC, Olympic Fans Wrestle with Troubling Move

In a move that shocked the athletic world, the International Olympic Committee voted to drop wrestling from the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Using a report that analyzed 39 criteria, including television ratings, ticket sales, global participation and popularity, the IOC … Continue reading

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