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Livestrong Bigger Than Armstrong

Lance Armstrong has had a rough year, to say the least. On Aug. 24, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency stripped Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles and banned him for life from competitive cycling after they concluded that he … Continue reading

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Subway Sandwiches Not Measuring Up

Can I get an 11-inch turkey sub?  Not quite the same ring as the famously fresh Subway Footlong. For 45 years, Subway has promised fresh food as a healthy alternative to high calorie meals served at alternative fast-food restaurants.  Offering … Continue reading

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Social Media + Eating Disorders = Thinspo, Pro Ana Communities

With the usage of social media and blogging sites on the rise, new interest groups develop and grow everyday. A surge in online communities supporting and encouraging eating disorders has grown as well. On Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, the hashtags … Continue reading

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Luck of the Irish? Manti Te’o Creates PR Crisis For Notre Dame

What started as public relations gold has quickly turned into a spiraling crisis for the University of Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish headed into the championship season with a story and an athlete incomparable to other contenders. The team’s star … Continue reading

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Will Beyonce’s Lip-Syncing Tarnish Image?

Beyonce’s performance of the Star-Spangled Banner took a prime spot in Inauguration Day media coverage when the 16-time Grammy Award-winning pop star came under fire for allegedly lip-syncing the national anthem. An inaugural official soon confirmed that the star did indeed … Continue reading

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Right Call at Wrong Time

In public relations, timing is everything. The right decision may be met with hostile reactions if the timing is off. Think about how the New York Road Runners reacted to Superstorm Sandy. The storm made landfall on Oct. 28, directly … Continue reading

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Papa’s Raising Pizza Prices Thanks To ‘Obamacare’

You know “Papa John” from the famous “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza: Papa John’s” commercials?  Well, John Schnatter, the CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, is about to have a similar, smaller scale version of the Chik-Fil-A situation.  Schnatter recently stated that … Continue reading

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Facebook Jobs: Should LinkedIn Be Worried?

As we all could have probably predicted by the way Facebook already has a hand in almost every aspect of our lives, the social media giant has now moved on to its newest venture: jobs. The Facebook Job Board launched Nov. … Continue reading

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