How to Handle a Royal Scandal

In light of the private photos of Kate Middleton taken on a holiday in France, it’ll be interesting to see how public relations comes into play as to how the Royal Family handles the scandal. Middleton was photographed without her bikini top while she and Prince William were sunbathing by the pool at a private residence. The photographer sold the images to France’s “Closer” magazine where they were published.

“grotesque abuse of the young royals’ privacy”


The Royal Family is pressing charges for the “grotesque abuse of the young royals’ privacy” according to Prince William’s office. The photos were deemed inappropriate and publication of the photos is forbidden in Britain. Another magazine, based in Italy, is reportedly planning a future spread including 26 of the scandalous photos. Should these photos be published at all? After all, the couple was vacationing at a private retreat.

It also brings into question whether Kate will get heat from
her country or the Royal family for not conducting herself in a “royal” manner even though she was on vacation. How should the PR people for the Royal Family handle this? And all of this surfaces only a few weeks after pictures were published of Prince Harry partying nude in a private suite in Las Vegas.

Whoever is in charge of maintaining the Royals’ image must now face the dual challenge of projecting a positive image while also being somewhat accessible. 

What’s your advice?

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