Grab some tissues, Google ad tugs at heart strings

Brace yourself, Google’s about to make you cry.

Google’s latest commercial for its web browser, Chrome, features Jess, a freshman who is learning to adjust to life on her own in college.  At the beginning of the spot, Google drops subtle hints allowing the audience to infer that Jess’ mom has passed away.  Since her mom is no longer around, the commercial highlights Jess’ strong bond with her father, especially through the difficult times of feeling homesick as a freshman being away from home for the first time.

“If she did it, so can you.”

Jess is able to use Google Chrome’s web features to stay in touch with her dad with the “Hangout” video calls, Google calendars, emails and an instant messaging/chat system to bring the essence of home and father into the lonely dorm room.

As a college student across the country from home, I can definitely relate to all those video chats and emails with my own mom.  Google’s advertising team really put some thought into making the spot incredibly relatable.

“I swear I’ll use Google Chrome, just stop making me cry!”

As well-written as this sappy, yet emotionally appealing commercial is, trending news online says Google’s branding has hit a road block.  People seem to be under the impression the commercial is promoting Skypeanother popular video chatting software available worldwide.  The commercial’s main focus is the communication through Google’s web “Hangouts.”  Many bloggers and Google users are saying that Google needs to find a way to differentiate its hangouts from Skype video calls.

Google should work on finding a way to show people why their hangout feature is better than Skype or iChat if they’re looking to attract more users.  Google seems to roll out these awesome programs or features but they tend to have issues presenting them to the general public with the same effectiveness as Apple or Samsung.

 What do you think Google could do in this situation to push hangouts and how they’re different than Skype?  Branding suggestions all together?


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