iPhone5: Greatest device ever or just next big thing?

The iPhone5 hit stores and has caused a tremendous uproar. People waited outside Apple stores across the nation just to get their hands on the latest and greatest Apple product. This leaves many Americans asking “What is so great about the iPhone5?” and others saying “How could you live without the iPhone5?” both questions have a variety of answers but that is not my goal.

Instead I want to examine what Apple is doing to make you think that you cannot live a normal life without one, as well as what other companies are doing to pull people away from the iPhone5.

In this ad, Apple uses logical appeal. This common sense approach is a direct response to critics who say that the iPhone screen is not as big as its Android competitor. Apple says, “Why would you want to have a phone that the screen is bigger than the range of your thumb?” It is only by design that the screen is perfectly built to cover the span of your thumb within your own palm.

The number one selling Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3, offers a bigger screen but it’s too large for your one hand and thumb to handle so it is redundant and illogical according to Apple.  So which one is better — the larger screen or the screen that is perfectly adapted to your hand?

Apple has always seen itself as a leader in innovation, and the new iPhone5 is no different. Another ad by Apple uses the laws of physics to help drive home their message. The ad says that things cannot getter bigger and yet be smaller, cannot have more while having less. Although not explicitly stated, we all understand that the iPhone5 does not actually break the laws of physics but instead has reduced its size while increasing its memory capacity.

The Samsung GS3 is thinner than the iPhone5 and comes with same storage capacity options (16GB, 32GB and 64GB) as the iPhone 5. But somehow the iPhone5 is better.

Both phones provide unique characteristics. Samsung GS3 has the ability to share images simply by touching phones, and can share immediately with other GS3s in close proximity.

While the iPhone5 has its rolling camera shots where you can take a picture of an entire horizon all in one shot and a plethora of useful and unique applications. Both phones are at the peak of technological innovation and in the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

There are users out there who feel the iOS6 operating system is much friendlier and would never dream of using anything else. While there are others that feel the Android operating system is far superior and less bulky than its competitor.

Whose side are you on? If any side at all, do we really need these devices to maintain everyday life? Do these devices really make life easier? Or are these two companies simply trying to convince us to buy their product? iPhone5, Samsung GS3, or should we just simply stick to phones that do just that — make phone calls? The choice is yours. Either way, the sun will still rise tomorrow.

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2 Responses to iPhone5: Greatest device ever or just next big thing?

  1. ssteffan says:

    I definitely think Apple has mastered the art of convincing people that its products are essential to “making life easier” of sorts. As someone who owned an Android for years and recently upgraded to the iPhone 5, I wouldn’t say that I bought into the “hype” and felt like I needed the phone to maintain my lifestyle; however, I bought it mainly because I know from previous experience with Apple products that they last, are easy to use and have the features I want that work with my other devices. I think Apple has found a way to seamlessly insert itself into my daily life, my friends’ lives (I will admit that the fact that all of my friends had iPhones did play into my decision) and that for me determined why I needed the phone. Great post!

  2. lzimmel says:

    I myself am an Apple user and have an iPhone but that does not necessarily mean I am on either side. I think that people have become so reliant on their phones and technology that so much of their lives revolve and depend on their devices. Personally, I think it is sad how much technology and social media impact our lives. Although I hate to admit it, I believe that these devices truly do make life easier. I could not tell you how many times I depend on my phone throughout the day from e-mails, to directions to getting a hold of someone etc. Business professionals and people in other industries truly rely on their phones with e-mail and other apps that make their jobs easier. Now everything is at your fingertips and it is hard to remember what life was like without all of these things on your phone and I truly believe that these devices have changed peoples lives. As much as I do not like it and I am old school I will admit that these devices are imperative in people’s lives in order to function and carry about their day.

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