Edgy ‘Vegan’ Campaign Backlash?

PETA is well-known for extreme campaigns, but their “Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom Out of Me” campaign might have crossed the line. In correlation with the launch of the BWVAKTBOOM.com website, PETA launched their “Boyfriend Went Vegan” commercial. The commercial is so edgy that it has been banned on television and requires proof of age to view online.

The commercial shows a woman in a neck brace and underwear buying vegetables at the grocery store. When she comes home, her boyfriend is fixing a hole in the wall, and she smirks after throwing vegetables at him. The commercial is meant to be humorous, but many see it as excusing spousal abuse. The smirk by the woman at the end of the ad insinuates that the she enjoys relations with her boyfriend so much that she excuses the pain.

The BWVAKTBOOM website itself offers “People’s Stories” about firsthand experiences sleeping with Vegan boyfriends, and “Tips For Playing it Safe” for the future. The stories told by women with Vegan boyfriends are quite provocative. These videos have led to rumors of a pornographic site created to show the intensity of sexual relationships with Vegan boyfriends, and PETA has even bought a XXX domain.

This isn’t the first controversial campaign PETA has launched. Their “Girls Gone Wild” style anti-milk ad was also banned from TV. A few weeks after that ad, PETA positioned a “Vegan” couple set up on a bed in downtown Shreveport, LA under a banner that read, “Vegans make better lovers.” PETA has always been willing to push the envelope when it comes to advertising. However, this new campaign is not sitting well with the public, and has many questioning if the animal rights group has taken things too far this time.

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