Brands Struggling to Use Social Media the Right Way

Google might rule the world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it rules the world of social networking, especially from a brand management point of view. So instead of hopping on the bandwagon and joining Google+ just because we’re told we should, simply ask yourself “why?”

“PR people are not using Google+ in huge ways—and the business profiles added in are not helping PR people,” said Kevin Dugan, blogger for Bad Pitch Blog. “In fact, it’s too early for any of us to be thinking about this new soc-network as a place for our clients.”

It’s interesting how much effort and time are put into increasing brand awareness on social media sites even after research proves the return is largely insignificant. According to a study conducted by Constant Contact and researchers Chadwick Martin Bailey, even the largest social media site in the world, Facebook, only has about a 17 percent respondent interaction rate to a brand’s pages.

The question is, why do we continually think that the more social media sites we’re plugged into, the more successful our clients will be? PR people should focus on the content they are posting and continued relationships with stakeholders instead of spreading themselves so thin. Let’s redirect our efforts toward improving our presence on just a few sites we know people are using and improve visibility that way.

“Users averaged 5 minutes and 47 seconds per week on Google’s new network while we spent an average of 12.30 minutes per day on FB,” said Dugan.

Now I was never great with numbers, but it looks to me like Facebook is still number one, so let’s give it the attention it deserves.

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2 Responses to Brands Struggling to Use Social Media the Right Way

  1. crose3 says:

    I agree with Kevin Dugan that Google + business profiles are not an asset to PR practitioners. I personally do not think the site successfully caters to businesses, and based on the numbers provided, even if the audience gets to Google + they are only spending about six minutes per week on it. That is less than one minute per day compared to Facebook’s average user spending 12.30 minutes on the site per day. I think it is safe to say that Google + is not conducive to businesses or companies.

  2. Marshall Eckert says:

    I agree that Facebook is the current king of social media. Based upon the decision to become a public company, it appears that the strength and control of Facebook will continue to grow for years to come. Although people are continually becoming more connected on social media sites, it is important for them to continue to develop methods in traditional media to direct individuals to their sites. As social media evolves, companies are able to develop websites strictly on these platforms and they provide a variety of opportunities. It allows people to create connections that would not have been possible without the advent of social media. A client’s success is not based on the number of social media platforms in use, but rather how they engage their public and maintain connections that will encourage visitors to grow a company’s profile. Brand marketing is not simply social media packaging, but encompasses a variety of platforms including articles, blog posts, and videos to encourage participation and business.

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