Six Tips to Improve your Social Media

When searching for a topic this week I came across a post on Shift Communication’s blog, PR-Squared, titled “Social Media Tips For Newbies”. The author used six simple and effective points to demonstrate how to operate successful social sites. Even though they seem obvious, I always find reminders never hurt. The tips the author presented are as follows:

  • “Social media cannot be taught — it must be experienced.” You can’t have a successful online presence if you have no presence at all. Signing up is the first and most important step.
  • “Fake it ’til you make it.” Great advice for any situation. Once you are involved in the online community, observe what others do and use it to better your own social media.
  • “Relinquish control.” Post what you think is right and don’t second guess yourself.
  • “Shun the ‘we used to do it this way’ attitude.” Nothing good can come of being stubborn to change. The world is shifting and so is everything in it. If we don’t adapt, there is a good chance that there will be no room for us in the future.
  • “Don’t ask for help, ask for guidance.” Don’t pull an Ashton Kutcher and give up control of your social media. Asking for assistance is OK, as long as it doesn’t turn into a complete management takeover.
  • “When all else fails, Google it!” My favorite of the tips. Google is an incredible learning tool and can help you in a million different ways. We often forget that the Internet is host to billions of people, meaning there’s a good chance that one of them has had the same question or problem .
What is your opinion about these tips? Would you add anything or take anything away?
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