‘Battlefield 3’ Campaign Sets Sales Records

When Electronic Arts’ new first-person shooter game “Battlefield 3” was first announced, it was mostly panned by critics who saw it as a less-than- stellar version of Infinity Ward’s “Call of Duty” franchise. Critics based their assumption on the history between the two franchises, which has seen the “Call of Duty” franchise dominate “Battlefield” in both sales and reputation. If “Call of Duty” is the king of first-person shooter games, then “Battlefield” would be, at best, considered the jester.

However, EA was determined to change their fate this go-round with the “Battlefield” franchise. Thanks to the game’s amazing graphics, the slogan “is it real or is it Battlefield 3” was attached to all of EA’s TV spots and online ads for the game.

The ad campaign was a huge hit, and pre-orders skyrocketed. Just one week after the release of “Battlefield 3,” Electronic Arts is reporting five million copies sold worldwide for an astounding $300 million. This total blows away Electronic Arts’ sales record for any one game, and gives “Battlefield 3” a major advantage over “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” (which is yet to be released).

The two battling franchises will once again have a showdown for supremacy when “Modern Warfare 3” is released next week. Infinity Ward is currently reporting a record number of pre-orders for their new game, but until sales actually begin on Nov. 8, no tangible figures are available. For the time being, the “Battlefield” franchise still holds an advantage over “Call of Duty,” and they have a great campaign execution to thank for that.

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3 Responses to ‘Battlefield 3’ Campaign Sets Sales Records

  1. caolson says:

    Admittedly, I am not much of a video game player, but I’m wondering what other steps the makers of “Battlefield 3” took in order to have such great sales. To me, it seems like it would take more than just TV spots and a new slogan to increase sales, especially if the game is in its third release series. I’m wondering if there were other reasons supporting the increased sales, or if, once “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” is released, they will still blow “Battlefield 3” out of the water?

  2. dlkline says:

    First of all, I am not a gamer and have never see or played the aforementioned games. I have, however, noticed a huge uptick in televsion advertising of these games. I actually commented on it to my family over the weekend while watching Sunday NFL football games. Practically every other commercial was a gaming commercial…not just a gaming commercial but a violent gaming commercial. As this article states by the record number of sales, these games are definitely popular. My questions is, what does this say about our society? As the article states, this is not just an American infatuation, but a worldwide phenomenon. I suppose it is better to pretend to be at war than to actually be at war, but then again, what does that say about society or mankind in general?

  3. rsteinga says:

    Similar to the two above commentators, I am also not a gamer or by any means a gaming expert, however I too wonder about the other ways that these games have been promoted. Just the other day, I was at Target, and sure enough, in the Snack and Soda aisles, the games (or similar video games) were promoted. I think these gaming companies have their audiences so perfectly targeted that they are really able to create awareness at all levels. Between food, shopping, advertisements, and word-of-mouth, they really know how to communicate with their audience.

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