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‘Battlefield 3’ Campaign Sets Sales Records

When Electronic Arts’ new first-person shooter game “Battlefield 3” was first announced, it was mostly panned by critics who saw it as a less-than- stellar version of Infinity Ward’s “Call of Duty” franchise. Critics based their assumption on the history … Continue reading

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Dr. Pepper’s Marketing Fails Taste Test

When you think of companies making big PR mistakes, what comes to mind? BP’s initial handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? Motrin and their baby-wearing mom ads? Well, most recently it’s been the popular soft drink brand Dr. … Continue reading

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Royals Prove They Can Adapt to Change

Kate Middleton is making waves, but this time the gossip is not about her fabulous style choices or her perfect smile — they are about her refusal to eat peanuts and drink champagne during a royal appearance in Copenhagen. According … Continue reading

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