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Do You Have Klout?

Public relations isn’t just about creating a campaign, it’s also about tracking those campaigns to see how they reach an intended audience. When social media emerged, it was hard for public relations practitioners and social media users alike to fully … Continue reading

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SM Measurement: To Each Their Own Method

As social media has grown more and more popular in the past few years, so has the need for public relations experts to measure this powerful communication tool as a campaign tactic for clients. While I can say that practitioners … Continue reading

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Moms and PR…Social Media’s Dynamic Duo

Holy Mommy Blog,  Batman! Sales of the new bumpy pad are going through the roof! This is exactly what can happen to a new product on the market if the mommy blogosphere grabs hold and falls in love with it.  … Continue reading

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Netflix CEO Tells Customers ‘I Messed Up’

Since July, Netflix has received an array of complaints and criticism over how they are conducting business. The decision to split the DVD rentals and the media streaming services into different factions was not well-received by the public. In fact, … Continue reading

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Polling Feature ‘Gauges’ Instant Reader Feedback

     The Huffington Post launched a new feature on its website called The Gauge. According to the site, this new open polling feature measures reader feedback on important stories and controversies by simply clicking “I agree” or “I disagree.” Voting … Continue reading

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Building an Emotional Connection with Brand

Building an emotional relationship between brands and their consumers is considered probably as one of the most important features in the concept of the modern public relations practice. This practice usually follows the principle of integrated public relations and integrated … Continue reading

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Helping Tourism Get Through ‘Hard Times’

As the economy slows down and the next global crisis emerges, public relations may adjust to these situations by changing its messaging. Many companies once in the business of selling luxury products are now starting to re-focus on affordability.  The … Continue reading

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The Changing World of Location-Based Social Media

Like Facebook and Twitter, smartphone application software (apps) has become an increasingly important tool in the world of a public relations practitioner. In 2008, Apple announced the release of the iPhone 3G and along with it, access to the App … Continue reading

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Target: PR Triumph or Fashion Faux Pas?

On Monday Target launched its much anticipated Missoni line. Missoni, known for their eye-catching colorful patterns, combined their high-end pieces with Target’s moderate prices, to create a collection that was accessible to most everyone. As exciting as this was for … Continue reading

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Stories the essence of relationships

When a company projects synthetically sentimental images on billboards to sell its products, most sensitive consumers wince — if they pay attention at all. Fake emotional appeals rank as possibly the most offensive marketing tactic around, although there are exceptions. … Continue reading

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