Social Media in Marketing

Today, social media surrounds each and everyone one of us, probably more than we would have expected several years ago.  When it first launched, Facebook was simply a way for Ivy League students to create profile pages.  The following year Twitter emerged, allowing people to tweet their activities and thoughts.  Clearly, social media was a means to, well, socialize.

Now more than ever, businesses are finding it vital to adapt to socialization and learning that every company is now a media company.  With its low-cost tools that combine technology and social interactions, social media allows a brand the opportunity to perfect its communication in an affordable manner.  In addition, businesses are able to personalize their brand.

However, businesses may struggle with one aspect of social media:  maintaining an everyday appearance and constant communication.  Social media as a part of a company’s everyday life is required in order to keep the momentum, but can be grueling.  Businesses are now expected to work faster, longer and more efficiently while sustaining the company’s social media.

Both small businesses like RigaTony’s and large businesses like Dunkin Donuts use social media to maintain success and a competitive edge.

As far as Facebook and Twitter go, have you noticed a major increase in use from businesses and companies over the last few years?  Do you feel that social media allows for companies to personalize their brand?  How important is it to you that a company interacts daily?

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