Graduation — Now a 4-Letter Word

Inspired by Elena Verlee’s blog — PR in Your Pajamas — and the fear of my upcoming college graduation I am dedicating this post to job resources.  Any professional, not just public relations or journalism students, has access to websites like Talent Zoo, LinkedIn and your local newspaper listings.  But not many students, our future professionals, know all the possibilities and opportunities that are available to them as graduation and the real world approach.

LinkedIn has recently launched a student section dedicated to internship and job opportunities for current students and recent graduates.  On the opening page new postings as shown as well as companies looking to hire.  One can also select their area of interest whether public relations or the art industry and continue to search through jobs by narrowing requirements. dedicates itself to all media jobs and even has a section for “geek jobs” pertaining to HTML specialists and other intense specializations.  Then, for our fellow public relations professionals there is, posting PR and media opportunities all over the country.

When posting your resume or creating a profile on any of these sites, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions as Lewish Howes, former pro athlete and founder of, indicates on Elena Verlee’s blog.

Howes’ questions:

•Who am I?

•What are my goals?

•Who do I help?

•How do I help them?

•Who do I want to connect with?

•How do I want people to perceive me?

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4 Responses to Graduation — Now a 4-Letter Word

  1. nkumarat says:

    This post was really helpful. I have a LinkedIn account that I created in my online media class last semester, but I never thought to actually use it to help me find a job, post graduation. I think it is important to start networking now to get the job over other applicants. I liked that you included questions to ask ourselves.

  2. mgingeri says:

    The last question Howes brought up particularly sparked my interest … (How do I want people to perceive me?) because it made realize how people do perceive different people differently. For example, my close friends, families and even classmates would know me as more of a loud, lighthearted and even sarcastic person, as my co-workers do not. Recently, I had an employer add me on Facebook and I made the conscious decision to kindly decline, not wanting to mix work with pleasure. I knew that my Facebook page might have some photos or quotes that did not exactly fit the way I wanted to be perceived at work, so I chose not to.

  3. afleisha says:

    Great advice. I want to add that Twitter is a great job resource for PR professionals. The job that I just landed at a national PR agency was tweeted–that’s how I learned about it. Be sure to follow companies you’re interested in working for because they usually share information like that on their Twitter accounts!

  4. jlsteph2 says:

    This is actually really helpful. Thanks for the tips and the Web sites! I am graduating in May, and as of right now, I’m not too concerned about next year. I have a paid internship lined up that starts in August. I am really excited about it, and I’ll be able to use the skills I have learned in my public relations classes. I am not sure about what I will do once the internship is over, or even if I would like to continue to work for the organization. One thing I do know, however, is that I am really excited about finishing school and embarking on all the adventures that await me!

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