Donald Glover Mastering New PR Form

One of the rapidly growing ways of increasing your personal branding is through the use of social media and the Internet. The use of Twitter has grown rapidly among celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, John Mayer and Shaq.

An up and coming persona who has utilized the Web to become a powerful public figure is Donald Glover. While attending New York University he and several friends started a comic group that goes by the name Derrick Comedy. After attracting several million hits on YouTube, the group began to gain notoriety (due to the graphic nature of many of the videos done by Derrick Comedy I will not post an example but they are all available here). The group even created a feature film that was released in 2007 entitled Mystery Team.

At age 21, Glover became a writer on the hit show 30 Rock where he began his rapid rise in the comedy world. Through the use of YouTube, Glover would become one of the youngest people to ever write for a prime time television show.  In 2009, he made the transition into acting as Troy in the hit show Community. On this show, he has become one of the standouts of the cast. Glover has created a fan base through his continuous interaction on websites and social media. He has also used his blog and social media to promote his musical projects.

Glover has not abandoned his roots in online communications because he knows that is where he started his meteoric rise to fame. He maintains a blog at that has garnered a lot of warranted attention throughout his fan base and he also is very active on Twitter.  During a recent appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show he discussed a funny story about his original Twitter handle, @donglover, which can be seen here . This clip demonstrates that social media is a large part of his life and he takes pride in what he does in relation to his fan base. Recently, Glover posted on a popular website, Reddit, where he answered questions from his fans in the popular IAMA AMA (I am a ____ ask me anything) section. Through this posting, he showed that despite his rising fame, he is still aware of the newest trends in social media and Internet interaction, and he is continuing to utilize them. It is nice to see someone remember where they came from.

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  1. tgierba says:

    I am a very large fan of Glover, and he has so many projects that he is doing at once, that Twitter is actually how I found out that he has a CD out. I think one of the reasons he has shot into popularity is because he knows more about social media than how to use it, he knows what to use to target his audience. For example, he uses a Tumblr, a type of blog that most people in the working world neglect, but many teens and young adults frequent. This I believe is another addition to his success.

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