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5 Tips to Get People to Answer Your Survey

Surveys are some of the most important information-gathering tools in a public relations practitioner’s hands. They can help you see potential problems, find out who your audience is, see how you and your client are viewed, as well as provide … Continue reading

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Graduation — Now a 4-Letter Word

Inspired by Elena Verlee’s blog — PR in Your Pajamas — and the fear of my upcoming college graduation I am dedicating this post to job resources.  Any professional, not just public relations or journalism students, has access to websites … Continue reading

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NY Times Launches Digital Subscriptions

In attempt to salvage lost revenues from online advertising, The New York Times began its digital subscriptions Monday, March 28, for full access to its website and mobile service content. According to the Associated Press, the third-largest U.S. newspaper will … Continue reading

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What Goes Into NBA Publicity?

I just came back from a weekend in Houston, Texas where I got to see the Final Four of NCAA College Basketball. The two games were entertaining to watch, each with a star player who stole the hearts of many … Continue reading

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Donald Glover Mastering New PR Form

One of the rapidly growing ways of increasing your personal branding is through the use of social media and the Internet. The use of Twitter has grown rapidly among celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, John Mayer and Shaq. An up … Continue reading

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Fake News: Good or Bad PR?

Over the years, I’ve learned to take anything I hear on “April Fool’s Day” with a grain of salt. So I wasn’t surprised to scroll through my Facebook newsfeed on April 1, 2011 and see various posts about incoming babies, … Continue reading

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