PR Nightmare Ahead for NFL Draft

The NFL has been at odds with the NFLPA for quite sometime now. It wasn’t until this year that there was something done about it. After three weeks of mediation failed to provide a settlement, the players were locked out. This will cause many problems for the upcoming NFL and college draft. Current players are upset with the way the NFL is handling the situation and will not be involved in any of the pre-draft outings. In addition, the NFL has now lost access to current players for on-site interviews. The NFLPA is not going to befriend the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell anytime soon either.

The NFLPA requested that draft prospects not participate in the pre-draft functions. This is a time when prospects are flown to New York, all expenses paid, before the draft. Who wants to get on the bad side of future teammates? The expectations are that current players and other protesters will be in New York to protest the lockout. This does not help the NFL. Causing a huge scene will make the commissioner and entire league  look bad. Fans will become weary of the NFL and their motives.

Top college prospects are now caught in the middle. This is a time that should be an exciting moment in their lives and careers With the overshadowing of the lockout and possible protests, what will prospect players choose to do? Would it be wise of the NFL to cancel these pre-draft events to avoid bad press or is it inevitable? There are several possible ways the NFL could lessen the downside of their decisions.

1. Come to terms with the NFLPA

2. Cancel draft activities

3. Postpone the draft

In many interviews, Goodell has chosen not to comment or left everyone guessing. Granted the NFL doesn’t want to project a bad image of the commissioner, but doesn’t he have something to say about this impasse? It will be interesting to see how this situation progresses. What do you think the NFL could do to generate positive coverage?

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3 Responses to PR Nightmare Ahead for NFL Draft

  1. jlsteph2 says:

    This sounds like a PR nightmare for the NFL. I think the first thing that needs to happen is that the commissioner needs to publicly address the issue. Choosing to ignore just leaves room for outsiders to guess and make their own conclusions public, which could certainly make matters worse. Goodell needs to handle this thing out in the open and stop tip-toeing away from the crisis. Also, I think the NFL needs to come to terms with the NFLPA.

  2. ahkline1 says:

    The NFL draft is a very interesting topic. The fact of the matter is that these upcoming rookies want to get paid and the players in the NFLPA don’t want them to be paid. In the past, rookies have been the highest paid players in the NFL. This is a good and a bad thing. The good is that these players worked hard to get here and often times a career is just a couple of seasons in such a brutal league. This allows these players to get money while they can. The negative side is that these veterans are getting paid less than unproven players. These two sides will be brought up countless times in the upcoming bargaining process.

    I feel that rookies’ scale needs to be cut back but I also feel that the rookies should look out for themselves and just participate and get the maximum amount of money.The draft will happen but most likely no contracts will be signed until an agreement occurs. Great topic for discussion because the NFL has a lot of work to do to maintain interest as they argue about the financial side of things behind closed doors.

  3. dbaxley says:

    I think it’s very immature on the part of the players to request that future NFL players not attend the NFL Draft. Most of these college players have played football since they were little kids and dreamt about this moment since grade school. It’s unfair to ask them to pass up this huge moment in their career just to spite their future employers. This whole situation has brought out the selfishness and negativity in both the owners and players. With that said, I think it would be more destructive to cancel the draft. I wish I had an answer for the NFL because maybe then I would feel more confident in buying Cardinals’ season tickets. The only advice I can give is for the two opposing sides to find a common ground as soon as possible. If this situation drags out any longer, it will continue to pile up negative publicity.

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