iPad … Steve Jobs’ gift to man

Four days ago, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs introduced the deafening blow to any iPad 1 owner, the iPad 2.  With tears in my eyes, I searched online and noticed while the hardware was a bit slimmer and comes in two colors — black and white — that I still had a very useful piece of technology, even if it was newly outdated.

After the tears dried, I pulled out my “obsolete” tech toy and scanned through the 10 pages of applications I have acquired.  I had never realized how many of my apps were dedicated to my social media presence and how important these apps truly are. With these apps, any iPad user can make their social media responsibilities both easy and fun.

  1. Instapeper Pro. Don’t have time to finish all those NY Times articles you wanted to read? Press “Read Later” and scan at your leisure.  Now your Twitter will have an endless feed of articles to share.
  2. Blogpress. All hail the avid blogger.  Most PR practitioners are always on the go, bloggers are the same with finding their next post inspiration.  Blogpress works with all of the major blogging platforms including Blogger, Drupal, Live Journal, MovableType, TypePad, and WordPress and lets you post from anywhere.
  3. Google. This almost seems like a no brainer.  The Google app enables the user to access all Google accepts (documents, scholar, maps, etc.) with the tap of a finger.
  4. Boxcar. Even though there are individual apps for Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, Boxcar combines all your accounts into one application for quick, easy notifications and updates.
  5. My6Sens. RSS feed at its best, bringing whatever your interest right to your finger tips without manually subscribing.

Even though there are hundreds of thousands of apps for smart phones, the enlarged screen and ease of iPad has morphed me into a social media advocate in every way possible.  With these apps and others like them, I can share what interests me with my followers and friends, and do it with ease.

It is important for public relations practitioners and other business people alike to constantly be in touch with their clients and other audiences.  With these apps, no public relations expert is ever out of the loop.

Even though iPad is regarded as more of a luxury toy, many companies and businesses are seeing it as a necessary tool for social media and polished presentations.  If you’re fortunate enough to own one of these bad boys, milk it for all it’s worth.

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5 Responses to iPad … Steve Jobs’ gift to man

  1. tgierba says:

    One thing I seem to notice about the iPad in the working world is that it is what it seems to be, a status symbol. I mean don’t get me wrong, I would love to have one, but in the lines of work I participate in, it seems that the people who have an iPad to display their work will get more jobs than those who don’t, even if the work of the iPad owner is no where near that of the non-owner. My company has even gone out and purchased iPads and since then, more clients are drawn to us, simply because of technology. Is the newest technology toy taking over skill in the workplace?

  2. afleisha says:

    The iPad, be it the new model or the original one, really empowers owners to work more effectively while on the go, as you mentioned. Yes, the same apps are available for smart phones, but the practicality of composing, editing and posting a blog from one’s iPhone on a regular basis is tedious and not the best resource. I love the freedom iPad gives PR practitioners on the go. Nice list of must-use apps, too.

  3. mgingeri says:

    I also think that the iPad is a great tool for social media. To share a personal story about how a restaurant used its iPad to promote its Facebook page, my girl friends and I were at R&R in Old Town Scottsdale and one of the managers had asked us if we were fans of R&R on Facebook. At the time, we had not been. The manager then proceeded to bring out the company iPad and we all “Liked” R&R’s Facebook page and, in turn, we got drink discounts and they got new followers!

  4. dbaxley says:

    I originally had doubts about how useful an iPad could be until my mom bought one. My computer died shortly after and she allowed me to borrow her iPad until I could afford to buy a new laptop. I was surprised at how much I used it. I literally planned my entire summer trip on her iPad…I was addicted. Now that I have a new laptop, the iPad is obsolete in comparison. Overall, I think it depends on how “connected” you like to be. I don’t have a Blackberry or an iPhone because I don’t need or want to be able to sign on to the Internet while I’m away from my personal computer. So although it may be extremely useful to own an iPad, I hardly think it’s necessary in terms of job security.

  5. jlsteph2 says:

    iPads are great, and to be honest, I really want one. However, anger stirred in me when I read this blog post. I hate how lustful we get about technology and “stuff.” More than that, I hate how our actions are the result of millions and millions of dollars of marketing and conditioning that companies have done. They practically brainwash us into purchasing their product. Along with these consumeristic efforts, companies use a method called “perceived obsolescence.” This means that products are constantly improving and companies (especially Apple) are coming up with newer designs. When this happens, consumers feel stupid when they are using last year’s model, so they perceive their product to be obsolete. This forces them to go out and buy a new model. I hope that those of us in the PR world will not contribute to this flawed way of thinking, but will engage in new technologies while not ignoring the ones that millions of people around the world are still using.

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