Gas Prices or Gasp (!?!?!) Prices?

Gasping when you see gas prices? Join the club–it’s currently the topic of hot debate. A Google news search for “gas prices” resulted in 28,193 articles published in the past month. It’s a given that people in the media, on campus and around the water cooler are talking about gas prices. Arizona might, however, be a special stakeholder.

The East Valley Tribune reported last week that gas prices in Arizona rose 14 cents in one week. More noteworthy, at this time last year, gas cost 60 cents a gallon less. The statewide average is now roughly $3.40 a gallon. And I bet your wallet is feeling these increases. Visit AAA of Arizona total fuel cost updates.

Although this is a national concern, Arizona is unlike other states in that our cities are not designed in a way that promotes transportation beyond a steel frame and four wheels. You can’t drive to another city without using the highway. In most neighborhoods, the grocery store, pharmacy, gym or doctor’s office exceed an easy walking distance. Then there’s our 100 + degree summer temperatures.

Basic truth: Arizonans need their cars to complete basic errands.

Do you see a potential crisis on our hands? I do. My question is, what are state officials doing? What programs are available that are enhancing the public transportation system? What resources and options do I have as an Arizonan? How is the state helping me to be prepared?

Will state government officials let sleeping dogs lie, or will they be proactive in tackling this potential crisis directly? What should they do?

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4 Responses to Gas Prices or Gasp (!?!?!) Prices?

  1. nkumarat says:

    I think there are plenty of transportation options for Arizonans. For example, we have a great light rail and bus system. Another perk for students is that the Orbit buses are free! I think people should carpool whenever they can to work or school to save money on gas. I don’t think that government officials need to get involved with gas prices because it isn’t a necessity to drive; there are plenty of ways to commute on an easy buck.

  2. kllockha says:

    I definitely see a potential crisis. I’m not sure much can be done about it. The public transportation systems have taken a hit with everything else. The best resource Arizona transportation has is the light rail. The state put millions of dollars into this project, so they should promote it. This would be a start.

    As far as other ways to solve the problem, officials could promote buddy driving. The car pool lanes are not used nearly enough.

  3. mgingeri says:

    I don’t think this is a crisis to be honest, it has happened before. Gas prices fluctuate, they always will. The Phoenix/Maricopa bus system is legit; there aren’t many areas in the metropolitan area where you can’t find a stop to walk to. Plus, the public transportation system is only getting better with the recent addition of the light rail and plans to expand it.

  4. dbaxley says:

    Wow, I remember when I was 16 and I bought my first car. I drove it to a Circle K and paid $15 to fill my tank (89 cents a gallon!). When I filled up on Friday, it cost me $33. I think the Valley Metro Light Rail and the bus systems in Phoenix are always a great resource. The light rail will only continue to expand, especially if gas prices stay at their current rates. I think it’s extreme to think of this as a crisis, though. Gas prices have always fluctuated and that won’t change anytime soon. We’ll just have to bite the bullet and start riding our bikes or carpooling more often.

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