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3 Things PR Agencies Should Avoid with Social Media

By Matt Culbertson There are a number of basic headline strategies for driving Web traffic. Among them — titling any online post with a “top something” list. Perhaps speaking out against the standard “top” numbers, there’s a site called 11points.com, … Continue reading

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PR Nightmare Ahead for NFL Draft

The NFL has been at odds with the NFLPA for quite sometime now. It wasn’t until this year that there was something done about it. After three weeks of mediation failed to provide a settlement, the players were locked out. … Continue reading

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Viral Videos: Too Contagious to Control?

As I write this post, Rebecca Black has probably gained 100 more views on her YouTube Video, “Friday.” As you read this next sentence, she’s probably gained another 100, and so on. As with viral videos before her, like “The … Continue reading

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Is Google Books’ Court Decision Fair?

A federal court decision rejected a settlement on Tuesday, March 22 among Google, the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild over the search engine’s full-text scanning of copyrighted books citing doubts that Google would make every book searchable online … Continue reading

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The Brand Evangelist: Sharing the Good News

I have heard a concept floating around lately that has caught my attention: The Brand Evangelist. The title itself makes me think the Apostle Paul, or Billy Graham, or someone who spreads the Good News about our eternal fate. Some … Continue reading

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