Campbell’s Soup Uses iAds to Spike Profile

So what are iAds? iAds are Apple’s newest mobile advertising that was launched seven months ago. iAds run on iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Advertising Age cites Apple’s evaluation of Campbell’s iAd campaign that people were more than twice as likely to remember iAds versus TV commercials. The iAd group said that they were four times more likely to purchase Campbell’s Soup than the TV group. The study also found that the iAd was preferred five times as much as the conventional TV commercial. The New York Times article “Campbell’s Soup profit falls, and company pares forecast” stated that Campbell’s will focuson advertising its products instead of product promotions because its quarterly profit has dropped.

Apple is trying to attract more companies to iAds, but there is already competition. Apple is charging iAd clients a $1 million minimum for first-time advertisers. BMW, AT&T and Nissan are some of the clients that have advertised with iAds.

Do you think $1 million is too much for Apple to charge potential iAd clients? If you were the PR specialist for the company, would you choose iAds as a form of advertisement? There are cheaper options for mobile marketing, or are you just paying for Apple’s name?

Campbell’s cable TV commercials targeted adult women, and ran on daytime TV. Do you think that Campbell’s iAd was so successful because it targeted a wide audience? Or do you think that Apple users are specific because of income or education level?

Since iAds only advertise on Apple products, do you think it would be a better choice to mobile advertise with another company to target all cell phone carriers that are Internet capable since viewership might increase?

Check out Campbell’s TV commercial and still frames of its iAd. You be the judge. Which do you prefer? Which is more memorable?

More people across the county have TVs versus an iPhone, do you think advertising on TV would be more effective? Or do you think advertising needs to evolve with the Internet Age?

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5 Responses to Campbell’s Soup Uses iAds to Spike Profile

  1. cfetter1 says:

    iAds are proving to be very successful and I think it is something to consider for large companies. The $1 million price is, for what I think, a strategic move by Apple to secure big name companies that can afford this. Once Apple builds its brand in the advertising world and its popularity catches on, I think the price will go down to advertise with iAds.

  2. afleisha says:

    The iAd would be beneficial for products that target iPhone and iPad users as key stakeholders for a product. I think that the reason the iAds are more memorable now is because they’re new and different. But, in a few months I assume that consumers will learn to ignore them, just like television ads.

  3. tgierba says:

    iAds definitely target a larger audience. Apple’s population has boomed making it one of the largest companies on Earth and giving it such a loyal fan base that, I believe, if an Apple device advertised something, that persons loyalty to the device is enough to make the product marketed through iAds more appealing.

  4. mgingeri says:

    I personally think that charging $1 million is a bit pricey but hey, if they are getting clients to do it, and a lot of them at that, then why not? I personally don’t like the iAds very much; they pop up every time you play a word on Words with Friends, a free iPhone and iPad game similar to scrabble. They also pop up every time you read an article, or end a game of Solitaire. This seems like a nuisance to me, but it is a great way to advertise! It is better than TV ads in my book. I can just turn down the TV and read a book, even better yet I can just fast forward through the commercials, you can’t do that with these new iAds. Looks like Apple has done it again, found yet another way to make great, easy money. Go Apple!

  5. nkumarat says:

    I haven’t had any experience with iAds yet. I didn’t know how frequent they pop up. It is interesting that you, mgingeri, mentioned how people have the ability to fast forward commercials on TV now through TIVO.

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