A Facebook Change You May ‘Like’

Facebook plans to modify the Like button, adding capabilities that may eventually replace the Share feature.

In 2009, Facebook launched the Share button in response to Tweetmeme’s Tweet.  The button’s purpose is to “Share” Web content with your friends.  However, Facebook updated the Like button functions to extend past simply letting your friends know you like and support something.

Previously, after selecting “Like,” a link to the story would appear in your newsfeed.  More often than not, users would easily skim over this activity unnoticed.  Now, the new Like button will post a full story including a thumbnail, blurb and headline.  Furthermore, users will now be able to comment on the story link.  With the new change, users’ newsfeeds and walls will flourish with more stories, increasing overall traffic on sites.

Facebook spokeswoman Malorie Lucich told Mashable that the company is always testing new updates among users.  This updated Like button is just another test.

Will the new Like button create a stronger user experience, or will newsfeeds become too overwhelming?  Will people continue to Like as often?  Will Share no longer serve a purpose on Facebook?

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5 Responses to A Facebook Change You May ‘Like’

  1. afleisha says:

    This is a neat feature that has potential. However, I feel like it will be overwhelming and users will naturally begin to ignore the new “like” news blurbs quickly. Perhaps Facebook needs to create a list option, similar to Twitter, so users can organize their connections within Facebook. I already feel like my Facebook news feed is full of “junk news,” just like spam or junk mail. When a user has hundreds of friends, the number of “likes” will continue to get in the way of more interesting news that could be in the newsfeed, like status updates and photo uploads.

    Facebook needs to figure out a way to keep business fan pages connected within Facebook without dominating a user’s experience.

  2. nkumarat says:

    I think that linking articles in a “fuller” form to people’s Facebook pages will create more buzz for those companies. When people visit their friends’ pages, they will be able to read a quick blurb about the article. It is a great PR technique to get the word out faster. I believe it will turn into a chain on “liking” an article. People will still use Facebook’s “like” function just as much or even more frequently than the “share” button because it is more interactive.

  3. mgingeri says:

    I don’t think that the newsfeed will become too overwhelming. I personally do not have that many friends on Facebook that share stories much. Typically, friends share less than one news story a day. I think I am going to like this new feature, because now I can read an excerpt of the article on Facebook before clicking on the story, this will enable me to figure out if I want to continue to read more or not. I think it is smart for Facebook to keep making changes and revising the site, this way it continues to stay fresh and never gets old.

  4. hewhite says:

    I love this idea and change being made by Facebook. In PR, we’re taught that communication is no longer one-way, but interactive. This “share” feature and overall “like” upgrade will promote a higher exchange of information and dialogue, not only between friends but businesses and their stakeholders.

    I’m excited to see and use this new “like” button. It gives me a chance to be even more involved with the groups I already support. Also, after reading Tribes, I think this tool will allow more leaders to emerge.

  5. cfetter1 says:

    This is interesting to see how Facebook is developing the “Like” button. I am a little skeptical in regards to how successful this will be. I feel that people will start to ignore the “Like” button feed because it might be an information overload. I do enjoy how they have it set up now, but I can also see the potential of how they could use this modified “Like” button. I am absolutely interested in seeing how this turns out.

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