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Tweet to Eat

As we all know, social media has become an integral part of public relations, and our lives in general.  Whether for personal or business reasons, almost everyone is on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and other combinations of social media Web sites. … Continue reading

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Are You Still Beliebers?

In a February issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Justin Bieber is featured on the cover rocking a leather jacket, a new haircut, and a few words on some controversial issues. In his interview, Bieber was asked to share his opinion … Continue reading

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Campbell’s Soup Uses iAds to Spike Profile

So what are iAds? iAds are Apple’s newest mobile advertising that was launched seven months ago. iAds run on iPhones, iPads and iPods. Advertising Age cites Apple’s evaluation of Campbell’s iAd campaign that people were more than twice as likely … Continue reading

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‘Top’ Digital Security Firm Hacked … Is it PR-salvageable?

Teaser headlines can get annoying, so I’ll provide an incentive to stop reading: No. Think of the biggest PR disasters of the last decade — a book publisher decides to publish OJ Simpson’s If I Did It book; Don Imus; … Continue reading

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Does APR Elevate PR Industry?

An accountant isn’t worth much until earning the three magic letters at the end of his/her name: CPA. Industry accreditation is the standard necessary for an accountant to achieve success. In public relations, the three magic letters are APR. Although … Continue reading

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