Social Media, It’s Everywhere — And I Mean Ev-er-y-where!

This week’s blog post is inspired by a post I saw on The PR Practitioner, a blog site by a former Cronkite student. Brian Camen graduated in 2007 and is now in charge of public relations at Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale. His post, Brands Advertise Online Presence Everywhere, was about how brands have begun to strategically place links to their online presence on items like receipts and at checkout counters. Then he linked to another blog, Social Media in Bathroom Stalls that was about  QuikTrip’s advertisement of their Facebook Fan Page on the wall of their bathroom stalls. This got me to thinking — is there such a thing as simply going too far to promote your online presence?

I don’t mind a website or social media site at the bottom of a receipt, as a matter-of-a-fact I thinks it’s a necessity. But this QuikTrip attempt reminds me of those shameless plugs we see at movie and music award shows. I’m not sure how I feel about it as a customer. However, as a public relations student I think it might just be a great marketing idea. I would have preferred by the sinks though.

What do you think about QuikTrip’s bathroom stall advertisement? Do you think it would work for partnerships, meaning advertising one brand in the bathroom stall of its partner and vice versa? What other out-of-the-box ways have you seen brands push their social media presence?

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