Learning Lessons the Hard Way: The Brett Farve Edition

“I’m not getting into that. I’ve got my hands full with the Jets.” — Brett Favre to NY Post reporter

Fox Sports News posted a story online this week about how Brett Favre’s wife will be making television appearances and could possibly break her silence about the newest subject of a professional sports scandal — her husband. Favre allegedly sent lewd photographs to former sideline reporter (and former Playboy model) Jenn Sterger in 2008 while he was playing for the New York Jets. New allegations have surfaced that there was additional inappropriate behavior involving Favre with the Jets’ team masseuse.

Favre issued an apology to his Minnesota Vikings teammates about the distraction that the scandal created during the football season. There are reports that he’s been meeting with the NFL commissioner. The NFL is investigating the allegations but so far has offered no comment about the scandal. Favre has yet to comment on the allegations as well, but has been given numerous opportunities to deny the truth of the story.

ATTENTION ALL PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES: Please make good decisions. The truth will ALWAYS come out. If you must make poor decisions, please hire a good PR person. How many more high-profile pro athletes have to be caught in outrageous scandals for the athletic community to learn the lesson? From sterioids to lying to sex, athlete scandals are becoming increasingly common. Just look at Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong … etc., etc., etc.  The consequences of their actions are — at the very least — tainted reputations if not broken families and loss of sponsorships and possible suspensions by their organization.

Wrangler, one of Favre’s major sponsorship deals, said about the situation, “we are following the story like everyone else. We are not making any major decisions on our marketing program until more information is available.” According to Forbes, Favre earned about $7 million on endorsement deals last year. It seems like this quarterback’s unflattering dance around the scandal will do nothing but hurt him in the long run, probably tarnishing his reputation far beyond his retirement.

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