Justin Bieber’s Alleged Arcade Assault: Take Two

Justin Bieber, 16-year-old pop sensation, is currently in the middle of a PR fiasco.

Bieber was asked to leave Planet Lazer, an arcade in Canada, on Friday after being accused of hitting a 12-year-old boy. The boy had apparently been taunting Bieber prior by calling him homophobic names and following him and his friends throughout the laser tag game. Bieber ran through the pack and hit the boy in the face.

Bieber claims it was an accident and that he was running from the boys (as you do in a game of laser tag) and that he grazed the boy’s face by accident while passing him. When examined by the Planet Lazer employees, the boy had minimal marks and did not require medical attention. However, the boy’s father filed a police report.

While there are apparently no charges being pressed because they are both minors, the media have widely reported the story. With headlines amplifying the situation by stating that he got into a fight, beat up a 12-year-old, and was charged with assault, it makes people question what actually happened and possibly Bieber’s squeaky clean image.

Due to the incident, Bieber has been inspired to speak out again bullying. While this may indeed be a heartfelt realization, it’s definitely the right way to go about addressing the incident. As long as Bieber is honest about what happened and turns it into something positive, I am sure his image will remain positive in the eyes of the public.

However, this incident follows a brush with the Maryland police in September after Bieber and his staff threw water balloons outside of his trailer at two state troopers. While these incidents could be considered childish shenanigans, Bieber really should start being more careful if he wants to maintain his clean-cut image. He is marketed toward young girls and if he gets into another police scuffle, perhaps parents won’t find him a good role model for their children.

What do you think Bieber should do following these incidents?

Do you think his image has been hurt?

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