Internet Advertising = $$$

It’s 2010 and just about everyone seems to be using the Internet for something. From watching your favorite television shows to finding a job, it has replaced a variety of “old-school” methods for accessing what you need.

The ability to advertise is another capability that the Internet has made possible, which has proved to be extremely successful. In a recent report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the first six month of 2010 marked the highest recorded revenue ever. According to the IAB, about $12.1 billion was spent on advertising, a 11.3 percent increase from the first-half of 2009 and 13.9 percent from the second quarter. To say that the Internet has helped advertising and public relations is an understatement.

To understand why Internet advertising has been so beneficial, it is important to understand the range of ways companies can promote themselves and their services. Search engine advertisements yielded the most profit for the first-half of 2010, which attracted consumers to spend nearly $6 billion just for typing in a keyword search they wanted. The traditional methods include banner ads displayed in other Websites, video ads and sponsorships, which brought in $4.4 billion.

Although the forms of advertising on the Internet vary, they are all either the same or similar to what companies have been doing all along. However, with the Internet they are able to combine them all in one place and reach more audiences by doing so.

Targeted advertising is also a unique feature Internet advertising brings to the table. Now instead of the consumers finding the ads, the ads are finding them! This advertising component matches specific ads with a user’s interests to increase the likelihood that they will pay attention to them. This is one notable element that only the Internet has.

Based on the IAB’s report and my own personal experience, Internet marketing is something that will only become more popular as time goes on. In the world of public relations, almost every campaign includes a form of Internet communication. In fact, I can’t think of any that don’t. Are there any circumstances or clients that wouldn’t benefit from Internet advertising? Would you ever choose not to use the Internet for promotion purposes?

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  1. shuscher says:

    In my Business and Future of Journalism class, we had a speaker talk to us about this. I think it’s definitely creepy that ads are now able to find us based on what we do on the Internet. But even though it may be creepy, it’s effective. I know that personally, when I see ads pop up that appeal to my interests, they always grab my attention. This has been happening increasingly lately, especially on Facebook. Obviously, the tactic works, so I would definitely utilize this for my own company.

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