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Axe: Clean Your … What???

In efforts to promote the new Axe Detailer, the Axe brand (a men’s hair and skincare line) launched a controversial commercial campaign on Jan. 11, 2010.  This 2:45 video titled “Clean Your Balls” is essentially a satire on a typical … Continue reading

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Public Scandal and PR

Media consumers love to watch a star fall.  They eat up the mistakes of celebrities and sports professionals, and it can easily spiral out of control, unless there is a solid public relations crisis management campaign in place.  Lately, this … Continue reading

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Creativity: How Not to Achieve It

Do you consider yourself creative? Are you one to turn to when a fresh idea is needed? Or do you typically look to someone else for these thoughts? I recently came across Dean Rieck’s “8 Bad Habits that Crush your … Continue reading

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