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Using social media effectively

As future PR professionals, knowing how to use social media is essential to our field. The question is, do we really know how to use social media effectively? A recent study has shown that nearly 70 percent of businesses are … Continue reading

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CNN stands up to Sanchez

CNN daytime anchor Rick Sanchez was fired from the network following offensive remarks he made toward Daily Show host Jon Stewart and CNN executives while appearing Thursday on Stand Up!, a satellite radio show hosted by Pete Dominick. Sanchez openly … Continue reading

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Branding Betty

Since I was a senior in high school, I have watched Betty White.  Yes, I watched the Golden Girls.  Once the Golden Girls program was no longer gracing my television, I thought White’s career would never resurface — I was … Continue reading

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Levi’s Curvy Controversy

With the headline “All Asses Are Not Created Equal” Levi Strauss jeans came out with a new line of jeans this August called Curve ID. Straying from their typical, straight-legged, no-curve style of the past, Levi came up with “a … Continue reading

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Video: An old idea, a new frontier for PR

Can you name your favorite online news article? If so, how many? One? Two? Ten? Now, can you name your favorite YouTube video? Is it the baby dancing to Beyonce? Does ‘Ouch Charlie! That really hurt’ sound familiar? (the British … Continue reading

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Social Media: The Ultimate, All-Access Fan Club

When I was 9 years old, I mailed four weeks of allowance in with a form from the back of ‘N Sync’s CD leaflet to be part of their fan club.  In return, I received an exclusive poster and fan-only … Continue reading

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NFL goes pink

You might have seen the pink shoes and football gloves while watching your favorite game this weekend. This Sunday kicked off not only the fourth week of long drives and heavy competition, but it also kicked off the Crucial Catch … Continue reading

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Wrong Way for Segway

This past Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010 marks the unfortunate passing of Segway owner, 62-year-old Jimi Heselden, and many speculate the “death of Segway brand” will soon follow.  What made Heselden’s death so newsworthy were the circumstances surrounding it.  No, there … Continue reading

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