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R.I.P.: The Press Release?

Is the press release dead? According to an article by Advertising Age’s Simon Dumenco, it is. http://adage.com/mediaworks/article?article_id=145838 In the article, Dumenco claims that thanks to Twitter, the press release is no longer a relevant tool to disseminate information. Dumenco says … Continue reading

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PR and Marketing: Where’s the Mix?

When I scanned the blogs this week to find something unique to write about, I hit the jackpot on a blog I’ve never before visited. It’s called PR-Squared.com which focuses on social media and marketing. All of a sudden, the … Continue reading

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PR: The Exterminator?

Creating a proactive (not reactive) plan often determines whether a company can survive the negative attention created by an unexpected crisis. But in many cases, proactive plans are generally not implemented because the company’s attitude errs toward, “that will never … Continue reading

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How Sweet It Isn’t

We’ve all seen the commercials claiming that corn syrup isn’t that bad for you. At least that’s the message the Corn Refiners Association (CRA)  is going for by asking the Food and Drug Administration to change its name to “corn … Continue reading

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Heisman debacle = PR opportunity

On Tuesday, Reggie Bush became the first player to ever forfeit the Heisman Trophy in its 75-year existence. What happened: The Heisman Trophy, given to an outstanding college football athlete each year, was awarded to Bush in 2005 while he … Continue reading

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