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Got Linked?

All PR professionals and PR professionals in the making should be fully aware of the importance of the use of SEOs. I shouldn’t even have to break it down, but I feel compelled to do so; SEO stands for search … Continue reading

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PR ≠ Parties + Rock Stars

Picture this: You’re sitting in the First Amendment Forum at the Cronkite School waiting for class to start, and you overhear two people talking about their overwhelming desire to be PR gurus.  Sounds great, right? Then you hear one of … Continue reading

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Facebook CEO donates $100 million to charity

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently shared his plans to donate $100 million to help improve schools in Newark, N.J. Zuckerberg announced his contribution on Friday, Sept. 25, on The Oprah Winfrey Show with Newark’s mayor and New Jersey’s governor. This … Continue reading

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First the Press Release, Now Meetings?

A recent blog post floated the idea of the press release as dead, now another denounces the traditional business meeting. Every PR professional has been to at least one meeting in their career, so in today’s fast-paced working environment are … Continue reading

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How about them Apples?

Apple is known for offering some of the most advanced and “coolest” technology out there today.  When the iPhone 4 appeared, many of us, myself included, were really excited and found excuses to switch plans or upgrade so we could … Continue reading

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What’s your brand?

Was it just me or was Dan Schawbel’s presentation kind of intimidating? I mean look at him. He is only 27 years old, probably wealthy and he has a fun, successful career. According to his website he has been featured … Continue reading

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Convenience for Busy People

This whole social media thing is pretty time consuming. I mean you have to log in to Facebook or Twitter five times a day, make a post and hope someone comments on your material. It’s like running a relay race … Continue reading

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How’d You Get to Sesame Street (in that outfit) Katy Perry?

The children’s television show Sesame Street understands the importance of the relationship with their viewers’ parents. Katy Perry visited the show and filmed a re-worked version of her hit “Hot and Cold.” She chose to wear an outfit that showed more … Continue reading

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University’s campaign a D+?

Drake University’s latest PR campaign, “The D+ Advantage” has been generating a lot of buzz in the last few weeks. And it’s certainly not positive buzz. The Iowa university rolled out the new ad campaign in July hoping to attract … Continue reading

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Gaga ‘meats’ up in her VMA outfit

Lady Gaga made quite the splash at the Video Music Awards (VMAs) last Sunday night – not really to anyone’s surprise. The pop singer has made an international name for herself by being different and refusing to conform to social … Continue reading

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