On Friday night I made one of the best decisions of my life, I bought the new IPhone 3G S. It only took me 48 hours to become addicted to this thing. This phone has so many helpful applications and is loaded with features including: a 3-Megapixel camera, Voice Control, a Compass, Voice Memos, Stock updates, Social Media capability, a Video camera and a program called MobileMe. If you misplace your phone all you have to do is logon to www.me.com to view a map that will show you where the phone is. All of this and thousands of apps make this phone irresistible.


My addiction has grown over the weekend stemming from the fact that this phone is so P.R. friendly. My favorite application is the one for PR Newswire. It allows users to keep up with the latest P.R. news. Users can connect to the Internet faster using the IPhone 3G S and this increases productivity. What public relations practitioner doesn’t want that?

The IPhone 3G S does have some drawbacks, price and battery life. The IPhone 3G S can cost between $300-$400 if you don’t have a contract with AT&T. The phone is $100 less if you sign a two-year contract. There are two versions of the IPhone 3G S, 16GB and 32GB. The battery life sucks. I charged the phone for four hours Friday night and by Sunday morning I had to charge it again. Nevertheless, it’s a great investment to keep up with this busy world we live in.

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  1. srios says:

    Although I love my BlackBerry with all my heart, I plan on getting an iPhone after I graduate in May. All phone apps are created for iPhone first (if not only) and then for BlackBerry, etc. I am tired of waiting for a lesser version of the original app to be released for my phone months later, so it’s time to make the switch. However, I have been waiting for the iPhone to be offered somewhere other than AT&T before I jump on board. Do you have substantial service problems with your iPhone? I heard Verizon was going to get it, but I don’t know when. This is the same problem I have with the iPad 3G. You have to buy a data plan with AT&T, which means you will get the same horrible service they offer to their cell phone customers.

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