Your Wedding in 140 characters or less

The PR Practitioner, a blog about public relations’ trends, wrote a post about a couple who tweeted about their wedding via Twitter. It went on to say how the groom tweeted “just married” before he even had his first kiss as a married man. I thought that was a little ridiculous, and I would be pretty upset if my husband to be updated his Twitter page before kissing me at our wedding ceremony.

With that said, the post went on to introduce the idea of hiring social media professionals to live tweet during special events for people who can’t be there in person. I thought this was an equally ridiculous idea. While social media tools like Twitter and Facebook have become mainstream and important, I think that hiring someone to tweet during your wedding is unnecessary and extreme. Weddings are supposed to be personal and special, which is why you have a guest list and don’t usually hold it open for the public. So why would you post moments from your most special day out on the Internet for everyone to see?

If you want to tweet about the event after-the-fact, or put pictures up on Facebook, that’s a different story. The blog post compared hiring a photographer and videographer to hiring a professional tweeter for your wedding, and I don’t think they’re the same.

What do you think? Would you hire a professional tweeter to live tweet your wedding or special event?

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7 Responses to Your Wedding in 140 characters or less

  1. jalbaz says:

    Tweeting at a wedding is a little over the top. However, tweeting at an event I think is a good way to engage people that aren’t there or also encourage some to get there. I don’t think people ned to hire a professional designated tweeter, but I think hiring a pr or social media person who does that as well is a good idea. Engaging people in things your company does will have them wanting to get involved or learn more.

  2. crandell says:

    Good topic Allison. Although I agree with Jalbaz on how tweeting at a wedding is a little ridiculous, it is an appropriate way to cover an event that people cannot attend. For example, Fox Sports Arizona tweets about highlights of Arizona sporting events that fans cannot attend. People who receive Twitter updates on their phone can automatically know the score to an event without turning on the TV. Making information easily accessible to the right demographic of people can be an effective public relations practice. As far as tweeting about a personal event, I think that defeats the purpose. There is no room for engagement from the public.

  3. srios says:

    Jessy, I agree with you. Tweeting during your wedding is not necessary since the people that you would want to know about it should probably be attending already. However, live tweeting during an event is a great way to interact with the people in attendance as well as let keep who couldn’t make it in the loop. For example, I missed the TCM Film Festival this past week but I still felt engaged with the event because of tweets and twitpics that were sent out every couple of hours.

  4. cmcelroy says:

    I think I’m on the same page as most of the other commenters–Hiring someone to live tweet a wedding, or other personal event is pretty ridiculous. The only benefit I could possibly see is if it was some monumental occasion that friends and family couldn’t be present for.. In that case, sure-live tweet so your posse can know what’s going on… but as a generic rule, I’m not anticipating my flower girl to be tapping away on her iPhone for my sake.

    In terms of other events though, I feel like live tweeting and live blogging is a great way to attract new publics and encourage engagement. I have definitely started following an organization or a person simply to be able to follow an event as it happens. In the same realm, I have seen organizations invite users to respond with questions that they want answered about an event, which keeps them engaged, and invites other users to join the conversation.

  5. alevy says:

    Definitely a good, timely topic. I also heard about this ridiculousness with the wedding tweets and agree this is a bit over the top. As my JMC417 class has been delving into learning some of the key purposes of social media and its benefits in the professional world, this definitely is not necessary. However, I do agree that engaging a companies’ target audience with highlights of an event or as crandell mentioned above with Tweeting sports highlights, this makes it easy and accessible for people to get involved and hopefully become a loyal consumer/network with the business/company. In addition, Tweeting live from an event can be a good way to keep people updated if they are not able to attend and hopefully spread the word amongst the social media community.

  6. tmoore says:

    Personally, I agree that it is a bit ridiculous to hire someone to “live-tweet” your wedding and I would not do that for my wedding. A wedding is personal and it is supposed to be lived in-the-moment, not “tweeted” about for others to partake in via social networking updates; and quite frankly, I do not think anybody would care to read a play-by-play of your wedding via Twitter. However, I could see how hiring someone to live-tweet a special event might become popular, useful and/or successful if the event being tweeted about is something to be anticipated about (i.e. a concert, a government issue/event, etc.) In this case, it might be interesting to see how things are progressing or what is taking place at a live event while you can not be physically present.

  7. hbearat says:

    I do think that for a husband to be tweeting prior to kissing his wife at his wedding is ridiculous. I don’t think that hiring a social media employee to tweet at your wedding is out line however. I could be biased because my family lives all over the world, but it would be nice to have them be kept to date of what was happening at my wedding through pictures and tweets while the event is happening.

    I also think that tweeting at an event is an easy way to publicize and engage an audience to get to know a client and some fun events that they plan. I know I have done it numerous times while interning and with my sorority events.

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