What We Should Take Away From Blogs

I thought this current post from PRSA was perfect for our final week of blogging this semester.  As students we are often expected to do assignments that we may feel are unnessessary, especially if we have many lingering assignments that are taking up the majority of our time.  However, the post on PRSA made me reconsider all assignments I may have felt that way about.

Many of us have personal blogs, social media sites, websites ( <– new AP style rule! ) and online portfolios already, so when assignments relating to those same subjects pop up we are usually not very thrilled.  Many of us fail to see that there is a great difference between what we develop on our personal professional sites/blogs/etc and our educational/business focused online media.  Both are mature uses of online media tools, but writing to promote one’s own career and writing to focus on education and business have very different approaches and tones, in my opinion.

Successfully grasping the tone of professional blogs for business purposes is a great tool we have develeped on this blog assignment. With the evolving media world’s emphasis on social media and online there is much to learn from a business standpoint. Despite our many other outlets, we have taken this education based blog and made it our own without losing the skills we have learned at Cronkite. 

What are your thoughts on the differences between types of blogs, professional media, etc? Have you enjoyed this assignment and all that you’ve learned from your peers as I have?

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7 Responses to What We Should Take Away From Blogs

  1. dolson says:

    I think you are spot on about the different approaches and tones, and that is a large part of the assignment. It’s easy to blog about our favorite movies or musicians or what happened last night at the club. But taking a professional stance on a blog is moving out one one’s comfort zone, especially if you are blogging about something new. It’s a display of one’s ability to grasp new ideas and run with them, and also to present an interpretation with one’s writing skills.
    I would say proper grammar and punctuation count just as much as the trendiness of a blog topic (like you said, blogging without losing what we learned at school is important).

  2. cwilusz says:

    I think that this blogging assignment has been helpful and yes i will probably bring it the experience with me into the job market. But, I have been finding a lot of this social media stuff very repetitive. I already had to do a blogging assignment in my online media class but i guess more practice won’t hurt. It is just a little frustrating when you have more important stuff do for school and i know a lot of us have internship and jobs outside of school so its hard to add something else on top of our busy schedules. But overall, I thought the blog was a good idea.

  3. kmcnally says:

    I think that it is good that we form a professional account as well as our person account for social media especially. I think that as we are graduating in just over two weeks, we are entering a world that is no where near college. We have had fun in college, we have experienced alot, but in the business world, they don’t care about your personal lives, they care about how you can present yourself in a professional manner. I think that it is important for us to understand that, so i think that this assignment has been very beneficial for us.

    As for the blog assignments, I think that this assignment is great! I have learned so much from just reading the blogs and responding to them, it helps narrow down the content by focusing on Public Relations, we have been given the opportunity to learn the things that are going on in the field that we are majoring in, it helps give us some insight into what we are entering.

    I think that students need to better understand what they are getting into when they graduate. So i would encourage teachers to continue using these assignments, while we may think they are unnecessary they will help us in the long run.

  4. hhoma says:

    I read an interesting blog post today relating to this topic, and I wish I could share it, but I don’t remember where! The author wrote about people who dread blogging (which is a group that would include me!) but are required to do it because of a school or job assignment. He (I think it was a he) mentions that it can be difficult to come up with a topic and that people worry about the “right” way to word things. I definitely agree, as I have had trouble coming up with topics that I found interesting enough to write about. When I think of blogs, I generally think of people sharing their thoughts about things they love and want to devote their time to writing about. It’s very different when it’s an assignment that you are asked to complete. I would argue that many posts seem almost insincere, since they are written about not because the writer wants to do it but because he or she needs to, in order to receive credit for the assignment (or not get fired from a job).

    On top of that, some people worry about what words to use and whether they sound professional enough, which once again seems insincere to me. If you are writing about something because it brings you joy, you aren’t going to worry about those things and just say what you want to say. Do you agree?

    Nonetheless, I do feel like I have gained from writing and commenting on this blog, even if I dreaded doing it each week. It’s helped me enter into the blogosphere, and from it, I’ve found some other blogs that I enjoy reading. But I can definitely say that the best blogs are those that seem to be written willingly (professional or otherwise), rather than those that have been assigned.

  5. acarlin says:

    I think this blogging assignment was helpful in distinguishing the difference between our professional and personal social media accounts. In terms of blogging, you definitely have to watch what you say when you are blogging for your company, which most companies are doing now. The same goes for Twitter and Facebooking for your business. You have to understand that you are representing your company.

    On the other hand, I sometimes find it annoying how I have to closely monitor and analyze what I put on my personal facebook. I know that I’m an adult now, who is also entering the job market, but I am also a college student who is trying to have fun in my last semester of college. My facebook is set to private, but I dislike how I can’t really be myself.

  6. jalbaz says:

    In online media class last year, I felt that my blog was going to be fast and easy to do. I was wrong. She wanted us to link everything and put in pictures and make sure everything was written precisely. That had not been my idea about blogging before. I had thought that you wrote a breif passage, similar to how you would type to a friend in an instant message and that was it. Instead, blogs are supposed to be well-written and have links embedded in them. Even after I finished that class and my blog was over, I did not think I had learned much from it. After interviewing for a public relations position that entailed a lot of social media work as well, I realized just how important writing professionally and detailed, yet still being able to be short and sweet, is a talent not everyone possesses. Some people can’t combine internet-savvy professional writing, without either speaking in “aim” talk, or sounding too much like an essay. I sent my previous blog to the company, and they were impressed. Never take new skills for granted, even if they are a tedious assignment.

  7. penglert says:

    Through reading all these responses I see that there is a general consensus that this blogging assignment has been a helpful learning tool, but I have to wonder how we are planning to reach people who are outside of our “digital bubble.” While blogging for self promotion is a good idea since the people we are attempting to reach are on the same level as we are in the digital age, what happens when we have a B2B client, or maybe a client with an older audience? The strong emphasis on blogging and tweeting has left us at a slight disadvantage when it comes to reaching audiences other than our peers. Do you ever feel like we create a false reality in this “digital bubble?”

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