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For most of us graduation is just weeks away. Some people already have jobs lined up but let’s face it, a lot of us don’t. So where do we look for jobs? I can think of numerous job hunting websites such as,, and the list goes on and on. My question has always been, what are companies doing to try and find me? I think I’ve found the answer I was looking for last week. I came across a website called web.alive, which gives companies around the world the opportunity to host virtual job fairs. All potential employees have to do is create a character on the site and then they can attend any interviews they want without the hassle of waisting their time and money on gas. Basically, you could look for a job from the comfort of your own home in your pajamas.



According to the website Web.Alive is for small and big businesses alike. For potential employees all you need is a headset if you want to speak with the company you’re interviewing with. This program allows you to upload a real photo of yourself so that you’re not just a character. If you need to submit your resume you can do so virtually so it makes things extremely user-friendly.



I thought that this was a waste of time when I first heard about it. Why would companies look for future employees in a video game setting? The truth is that it saves time and money for all parties involved and it gives both the companies and job seekers more options. Playing games used to get me in trouble but now it’s helping me find a job. I LOVE it.

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4 Responses to Virtual Job Fairs

  1. tburns says:

    My first thought when I read this was “If a company does not want to take the time or effort to meet you in person, what kind of a company is this?”

    However, as I thought more about this, such a website correlates with the growing global relationship, both professionally and socially. If a company is in Dallas and you live in Boston, it can be quite hard to get there and do an interview without dropping a lot of money on a plane ticket.

    I think people need to get used to communicating throughout technology. As we start interacting with international businesses more and more, being able to conduct an interview via Skype or being able to express yourself fully in an email is a vital skill.

    • cnaughton says:

      This is definitely a creative approach to job hunting in the 21st century and I’m not sure I know what I think about it yet. tburns you bring up a great point that people need to get used to using technology as part of the interviewing process. I personally have had a few experiences with phone and Skype interviews and they have their ups and downs. While it is convenient and inexpensive, there is always room for error. Not to mention, the inability to truly express yourself in person.

  2. crandell says:

    I really enjoyed this post. When I first read the post about the interactive job fairs, I thought it was the future of job hunting. I think that nowadays, there is a large screening process that goes into interviewing and hiring for a position. This online job fair gives employers time to connect with applicants from around the world and evaluate their experience. The draw back of this technological networking is the face-to-face connection. Especially in public relations/marketing, personal contact is vital. Employers should want to know how an applicant speaks, presents themselves and competes for a position. If you can’t market yourself in this industry that you sure can’t market a client with a specific image.

    You cannot tell everything you need to know about an applicant from their resume and/or online photo. It actually makes me think of online dating. People can spin or type anything they want to get something out of it. I think a combination of virtual job hunting and networking is the future, but I don’t think we can completely disregard the phone interview or the old-fashioned sit-down interview.

  3. jmetz says:

    Like the others when I first read the title of this post I was confused. However, the more I read on the more interested I became. I think this is a phenomenal idea. It is much more convenient. This is definitely a step towards the future. Furthermore, I agree with crandell that a draw back of this technological networking is the face-to-face connection. We did mock interviews this week in my PR class and it was so important to listen to how our classmates spoke and how they were conveying their answers. A future employeer is going to want to see you first hand, which is fine because after you get past this first interview online, they will probably call you in for a face-to-face interview. This is a successful way to trim out the job hunters who are not qualified. It is crazy how the world is changing and the digital world around us is taking over.

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