Twitter Debuts Sponsored Tweets

I read a recent article on PRSA which announced and explained Twitter’s debut of its latest application, “promoted tweets,” which was launched on Tuesday, April 13. Since Twitter’s launch four years ago, many people have been curious to see if there is a way to profit and make money from this social media Web site, like the many other popular social networking sites that have managed to execute so successfully by using advertisements. Twitter may have just answered this question with its new application of sponsored links!

This is fascinating because Twitter has managed to flourish in the four short years it has been established, and I think that the process they are implementing for promoted links will surely thrive because Twitter is approaching this marketing technique in, what I would consider, an unprecedented manor.

When users search a topic on Twitter, an ad will appear at the top corner of the screen along with the search results. The ad will technically be a “tweet,” which users can then essentially “re-tweet,” mark as “favorites,” and/or even comment/reply to. This is significant because this offers marketers the opportunity to use sponsored tweets to directly converse with customers and the Twitter public at large, which is huge, considering Twitter recently reported that it handles about 50 million tweets a day.

I am curious to see if other people think that Twitter’s new application will do as well as expeacted.

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  1. srios says:

    Here is yet another way that a business has formed their pay model around Google, which means that it will most likely be successful. I think this will actually be really helpful for customers because the sponsored tweets will be more relevant to their search than what normally comes up at the top of the search results. I love Twitter so I hope this application does well.

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