Too Hot. Too Cold. Just Right

Today, I read a blog by Ari Herzog entitled AriWriter: Strategies and Tips on Social Media & Online Marketing.  The blog I read, “Too Many Marketing Agencies Fail to Market Themselves”, contained interesting insight into an issue I think many public relations and marketing firms have.  The article explained that many agencies “talk  the talk” but do little of the walking.  Herzog questioned why a full-service public relations agency in her hometown didn’t conduct its own services for its firm.  She saw that the firm had a Facebook fan page, which was 30 days outdated.  The firm had a Twitter stream, which did little more than broadcast and failed to reply to those who had actually taken the time to tweet them.  Herzog explained that it doesn’t make sense for a public relations firm, which preaches that it has expertise in social media practices, to not conduct its own social media correctly.

Stand out- Link to photo source

Stand out- Link to photo source

Caution, some agencies become caught-up in their personal marketing and take away from the time they should be marketing and publicizing their own clients.  But, this does not mean an agency should completely exclude their personal marketing and publicity.  It’s a fine line that professionals must walk.  In my opinion, managing the two isn’t difficult and involves common sense. Herzog essentially believes that a firm cannot give a client advice without taking its own advice: “If you’re a marketing agency suggesting your clients do X, and you’re not doing X yourself, I question your motives.”

My thoughts:

I think many agencies absolutely need to spend time marketing themselves.  I have been involved with agencies that question why they are not receiving new business.  It is clear to me that they don’t receive new business because companies and the public isn’t aware that the particular agency exists.

BUT, I have also been involved with agencies that care WAYYYYY to much about marketing themselves.  How is this possible? Is there such a thing as over marketing yourself? Yes. When personal marketing isn’t performed in moderation, I have seen it take away from client time.  This can work to an agencies benefit.  I’ve seen agencies that do not perform particularly excellent work for their clients.  In fact, the work is subpar, to be polite.  HOWEVER, the agency can perform excellent marketing on its behalf and manages to stay afloat with new clients.

Photo By Suvi Korhonen

Photo By Suvi Korhonen

Those agencies that area can not only market themselves well BUT also perform exceptional work for their clients that speaks for itself will not only stay afloat. They will leave the water behind entirely.

(Photo 1: Link to source) (Photo 2: Link to source)

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5 Responses to Too Hot. Too Cold. Just Right

  1. jalbaz says:

    This is an ironic concept…a marketing or PR firm not marketing themselves. How can an agency portray themselves as effective and cutting-edge if they don’t even know how to put themselves out there. Sometimes I think agencies don’t market themselves as much because they either want to simply focus on their clients, or be more private (especially when they have big time clients). However, all agencies should have some sort of ‘brand’ associated with their name alone. Oglivy and Ketchum have done a good job of this.

  2. dolson says:

    Take your own medicine, and all that. Funny that an agency touting its marketing skills can’t even market itself. Striking the right balance is important to provide marketing and branding effectively. Do too little, and no one knows about you. Do too much, and people resent your constant presence and noise. It’s called “flak” for a reason.

    To be fair, I think each agency can take its own path, depending on its clients. Some may want that frequent exposure, others to be more subdued. Give a little or give a lot, as long as the agency is delivering relevant, interesting messages and marketing, and the client receives the positive feedback and loyalty it wants.

  3. kmcnally says:

    I think that it doesn’t say much about the company if they aren’t doing a good job marketing themselves how can they efficiently provide good services to other companies? What does that say about their credibility? I think that you need to have a happy medium, you don’t need to go above and beyond with your own company, but at least put in some effort.

    • cnaughton says:

      I like that you use the example of an agency using the marketingPR tactics it uses to promote itself almost as a portfolio to show clients, “this is what we can do.” I like this idea and I think many more should employ self-promotion campaigns.

  4. adouglas says:

    Jalbaz- I completely agree that Oglivy and Ketchum are great examples. They are known but do not over do it.

    dolson- I agree that different agencies have different styles. Some formes of self marketing make more sense for a type of firm than another.

    kmcnally- A firm can absolutely earn respect and status by performing their own successful marketing strategies on themselves. If they cannot show that they market for themselves how does a client know they can market for them?

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