To Do or Not?


Are they effective?

Do they make me more effective?

Would I forget everything if I didn’t create to-do lists?

It is a concept that mesmerizes me. Whenever I am really stressed out and overwhelmed with the number of things I have to accomplish in my day or week that is the only thing that makes me feel better…to make a to-do list. I tend to make lists when I am stressed out at school or work. I also will make a list if I am going on a trip or planning an event.

Every time I cross out an item on my list, I get a feeling of achievement and somehow it makes my stressful day seem a little less stressful. All it takes is for me to cross one thing off my list and I can become more productive.

I just wonder what would happen to me if I didn’t make a list at that moment of crisis. Would I panic and have a mental breakdown? Doubtful… should I experiment? No, I am too scared! So will I continue to let these lists guide me through my life? Or I wonder will something new become the most efficient way to gather tasks that need to be accomplished? There are calendars on e-mails, cell phones and computers that can always remind me, but none of those give me quite the satisfaction I get from my good old fashion to-do lists.

So I will continue to outline what must be done in my hectic life as I get older on different types of papers, with different colors of pens, but nothing will beat my ever so loved and needed to-do lists.

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4 Responses to To Do or Not?

  1. Most people like lists for all the reasons you listed. One time management tip I was taught (although I am not a list maker) is to start your list fresh each day. Just the process of transcribing what was left over from the previous list will get you thinking with new energy and perspective and just possibly evaluating whether they need to still be on your list at all.

  2. dolson says:

    I use my calendar to list off all the assignments and projects I am juggling. Looking at it every day helps keep me focused on what I need to do each day and what I can put off until later. Listing is an excellent organizational tool, and listing often helps you keep your focus. It’s a better use of time than freaking out over how much has to be done and how little time there is.

    A nice maxim I heard a long time ago ties to the benefits of listing nicely: Don’t worry ABOUT it, worry AT it.

  3. adouglas says:

    I think creating lists is a great way to prioritize your life. I’ve heard of prioritizing lists with the letters A, B, or C.

    You can also use this Web site:

    to create to do lists and schedules. I’ve had to panic in the past when I lost agendas. When it is digital you can always count on it being there from any location.

  4. kmcnally says:

    I am much like you. I live by to-do lists. When i get stressed or when i am trying to organize my day, i will write out a to-do list and as each thing is accomplished i will cross it off. It is how i have gotten through school. Without my to-do lists i would be even more stressed out than i already am. If you look through my school folders or my agenda, you will see list after list of things to do, and alot of them crossed out, but that is how i get things done. I am actually using one right now to prioritize my studying and homework!

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