Tiger’s lose at Master’s Augusta National…what’s the PR plan now?

Phil Mickelson took home another green jacket after winning Master’s at August National this past weekend. Tiger, whom everyone was eagerly watching didn’t come close. With Mickelson’s wife fighting breast cancer, her standing at the 18th hole with tears in her eyes waiting for her husband who won the tournament put Tiger Woods out of a lot of people’s minds. But you have to wonder, with loosing Master’s, what is Tiger’s plan now? More rehearsed press conferences? Will he ever be as great as he was before? Or has his long absence from the game done a number on his abilities as a player? I think it’s going to be a little difficult to spin this story for Woods’ public relations staff because no one is going to play the sympathy card for him. His absence from the game hurt him significantly and his PR people need to somehow display his defeat in a positive way, and show that Tiger is doing all that he can to come back stronger than he was before. Woods’ PR team have their work cut of for them on this one because Tiger’s lose at Master’s just showed that he is a loser once again.

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3 Responses to Tiger’s lose at Master’s Augusta National…what’s the PR plan now?

  1. cwilusz says:

    I think a good pr move for him is to try and rebuild is reputation. I think it was a good move for him to play even though he lost. It shows that he is staying true to the game and trying to rebuild what he had before the scandal. I do not know a lot about golf nor did I watch the Master’s but I am sure taking time off due to the cheating allegations had to effect his game. Yes, he made a mistake but that should not be reason for him to give up his life dream, to be a great golf player. So in my opinion I think it was a great pr move having him come out at the Masters.

  2. acarlin says:

    I think Tiger should just keep competing and practicing like he would normally do. While this is a PR nightmare, he needs to focus on the one thing he does still have left. Nike didn’t drop him from his multi-million dollar contract, but they did however run an emotional commercial in which Tiger’s dad appears to be speaking to him, asking him what he was thinking. This shows that Tiger knows he screwed up, and would like to move on with his career. I’m not condoning what he did, but I think everyone deserves a second chance. And I don’t think this is the end of his career.

  3. tmoore says:

    I think that it was actually probably a good thing that Tiger did not win the tournament because it kind of brought him back into the game without all of the attention being focused on him. I think that Tiger’s PR team should certainly address his return to the game as well as his loss at the tournament but do so in a way that purposely omits any information and/or mention to his cheating scandal. I think that this would be the best way to handle his recent and current personal situation, specifically regarding a PR stance; if he truly wants to move forward with his career then his PR staff should try their hardest to keep his personal life and his work life separate and focus on how and why he played poorly at t the tournament and how he plans to come back to the game stronger and better than before.

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