More Apple Domination

Recently, a Mashable blogger wrote a post about the possibility of a Mac App Store. Steve Jobs has denied the rumor spreading that a Mac App Store will be debuting in the near future, but the question is, “why not?” The App Store clocked 1.5 billion downloads within the first year of its operation and millions of iPhone apps are downloaded daily. For each download, 30 percent of the revenue goes to Apple and 70 percent goes to the developers. If Apple came out with a Mac App Store, developers would make more money, consumers would buy more awesome Mac apps with easier access and Apple would make a pretty penny. Because it would be modeled after the iPhone App Store, Apple would already have your credit card information saved (making it easy to use) and most people are alright with charging smaller purchases to their credit cards making it more likely that they will buy more apps over a long period of time without feeling like they have put a hole in their wallet. Also, the more apps consumers are able to download on their Macs the more likely it is that consumers will purchase a Mac rather than a PC. How could Apple not be eating this up?

I hope Steve Jobs is just trying to keep the app store under wraps because I would definitely like to start my shopping. Thoughts?

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  1. alevy says:

    I can definitely foresee this happening and being extremely successful on new Macs! As you said, an app store would make it easy and accessible to purchase apps through an online store, just like itunes. Also, I wouldn’t see why Steve Jobs wouldn’t want to do this due to the success of the iphone apps in the first year of operation. However, they would probably have to alter some of the apps to make them compatible with computers instead of a mobile device that is more simple then a laptop to take anywhere.

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