Landing a job

With graduation fast approaching, many seniors have been hitting the pavement (or the keyboard) in search of a “real” job. There are so many online job postings out there that it is difficult to know where to start. I for one had no idea what I was doing. Not to mention the fact that every single listing requires experience. Hello! I would like experience but how am I supposed to get there when everything requires years of experience? Where are the entry level jobs at?

There is one gem out there that is helpful in finding public relations jobs in the valley. The Council of Public Relations Firms has an easy job search page that can be as specific or general as you choose. Another good way to find a public relations job in Phoenix is to follow JobInPhoenix on Twitter. They post a lot of relevant positions in all industries daily. Another great way to find a job is through your schools career center or career fair. That’s how I found my job!

I was very recently hired and I have to say it was a very exciting experience. My recommendation is that you have a strong resume listing specifics. If you’ve had an internship list exactly what you have done and for what client. I know name dropping sounds bad but the bigger the name, the better. List specifically what programs you can use and how you have used them. Have a strong objective at the top as well. It helps employers figure out exactly what you are looking for. I would also recommend a cover letter. It gives you the ability to be more specific and show off your writing skills too.

I’m not saying I am the authority on how to get a job but I do know that if you look hard enough and search long enough, it will all fall into place. Good luck out there!

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  1. hbearat says:

    Congrats on getting a job! I am in the same boat as many people graduating with a public relations degree right now…i only have an internship lined up for once I graduate…Not saying that isn’t good, but it just seems like graduating college should bring much better luck and a full time job with salary and benefits. Who knows I may be naive, but I just am sitting and waiting for one of the million jobs I have applied for to get back to me. Of course it doesn’t help that I want to move to NYC and work in public relations there. But who knows! Your advice is great though, i will definitely look into those resources you listed. Good luck!

    • srios says:

      I am close to being offered a job from a former employer (I was an intern), and this goes to show that internships really do help even more than I realized. No matter what the internship is or when you have it, make an impact. If you work hard and make sure your boss knows your name and what you can do, they will remember you when it comes to hiring on someone new. Also, a couple tips I have learned from some friends: if you are asked where you live (especially if you are interviewing in LA) say you live in the city you are interviewing, even if you don’t. This is advice from a higher-up at 944 magazine. Also, even if the job requires a certain amount of experience, go for an interview anyway! They might love you enough to disregard their original requirements and make you a part of the team. What do you have to lose?

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