Kelly Cutrone dishes PR advice

If any of you read my last post, it was about the new PR shows that have sprouted on both the Bravo network and the E! network. Kelly Cutrone, from “Kel on Earth” on the Bravo network has unleashed some advice when interviewed by Inc. magazine about what it takes to be a good publicist. At the top of her list of advice: “Learn the word no.”

Cutrone’s book If You Have to Cry, Go Outside is currently at the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list and “attracts headlines for her ultra-demanding management style and brutally honest take on the fashion industry,” Inc. magazine states.

Some of the great advice she dishes to Inc.:

1. Learn the word “no” and then have the energy and the experience to sit your client down like a “good trekker going through Nepal,” quotes Cutrone.

2. Everyone and everything is a brand.

3. Be picky with who you work with, which will only help you help the company.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of your competition

To read more of this interview check out Inc.‘s website

Do you think her advice is credible? If any of you are interested in fashion PR, would she be someone you would want to work for?

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4 Responses to Kelly Cutrone dishes PR advice

  1. tmoore says:

    Personally, I really like Kelly Cutrone’s style of business and I think that the majority of her advice is both smart and beneficial; I admire her confident approach and her bluntness because she is a successful and experienced business woman and I think that this is something that young PR practitioners, such as myself, should take to heart (and mind!) before jumping in the PR industry.

    I agree with Cutrone’s first piece of advice, learn the word “no.” Publicists should know what they ultimately want to achieve and exactly how to go about doing that in a professional and confident way, even if their client has a different approach or disagrees with you. After all, publicists are paid for a reason and to do a particular job. So even if your client is telling you to go about doing something in a different way than you find most effective/effecient, do not be affraid to say “no” if you know you are right.

    As a PR practitioner, if you are good at your job and would like to keep it that way, we need to learn to learn early on that saying “no” is okay, and that we need to be confident enough and stern enough to keep it that way throughout the duration of your PR career.

    Afterall, just look at how far that kind of confidence and assertiveness has gotten Cutrone!

  2. cnaughton says:

    I also read the interview with Kelly Cutrone and learned more about her and People’s Revolution from a PR perspective. Since I’ve never seen her new show on Bravo, all I really had to relate to it was what I knew from “The Hills” and “The City”. The part that I thought was most interesting is one that you mention above, that everyone and everything is a brand. For those that don’t know much about Cutrone, This tiny statement should help put her in better perspective. She constantly has work on the brain and she is so protective of her agency from who her interns are to who her clients are because she understands the importance of consistency and maintaining a brand. To me, this piece of advice is invaluable to those of us stepping into the PR world and if that’s not enough, just look at how far it has taken Kelly Cutrone.

  3. kmcnally says:

    I think that while she has a lot of knowledge about the fashion industry, she is very productive, or so it seems on the reality shows she has been featured in, the ones i have seen like cnaughton “The Hills” and “The City”. But i haven’t seen her on the new one yet. While she may know a great deal about the fashion world and the PR that goes into that, but for us that are just entering the PR world, i don’t think it is great advice because i think that learning how to say no could lead to client unhappiness, and when you are working for a client, you want to do whatever it is you can to make them happy and appreciate and like what it is you have done for them. And by saying no, you could put a bad taste in their mouth, and i don’t think that is what PR professionals should be doing.

  4. crandell says:

    I have watched Kelly’s show on Bravo and find her intense, yet good at what she does. I think she is really smart about how she is approaching her business with the down economy. She realizes her pr practices need to be adjusted because the fashion industry just won’t be the same for a long time. The way she cuts costs, uses social media and forces creativity to drive production shows her true talent for public relations. I saw one of her episodes where she made a mini movie for DKNY featuring colored sweaters. She didn’t purchase a filming permit, instead filmed on the streets of New York, hired body guards to deal with the cops and paraded beautiful girls in rainbow colored sweaters around historical locations of the city. The video was only like 1.5 min long and she uploaded it to the company’s 65,000 Facebook fans, twitter, Youtube and other social media sites. She created successful, free advertising, therefore pleasing her client.

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