Have childhood fears kept YOU from….

Here I am sitting with my friend and he just told me a story about a fear he had his whole childhood because of a myth his older cousin told him when he was five years old. He never questioned his cousin’s tale and lived in fear for a couple years…well until he was old enough to realize that lakes don’t have sharks.

We all are guilty of being naïve at some stage in our lives. Children from a young age are taught to listen to their elders because they have more wisdom, knowledge and experience. The truth is, although they have more experience they don’t always have the right interest in mind. So we can grow up to be just like them. This is a cycle that is hard to break. The only way the spinning can stop is if we take a moment to look at how we are living our lives, where we are headed and whether we want to stay on that path or not.

Don’t be afraid to make decisions that everyone stands against. Don’t be afraid to be hated. Don’t be afraid to fail. You will achieve happiness if you do whatever YOU want to do with your life.

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  1. jmetz says:

    I can completely relate to this. I think that the problem with most graduates these days are we have a lack of confidence. Jim VandeHei, founder of Politico, once said to me that the biggest problem with graduates these days is they have a lack of confidence. When a nearly graduated journalist comes into his building he looks for confidence. I do not think you can be successful unless you have confidence in yourself, because if you can’t believe in your own work no one else will.

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