Give and Take

The animosity between the public relations students aGive and Takend the other students at the Cronkite School is no secret. We hear it all the time, being referred to as the, “ PR People,” and then eye rolls that follow when you give your opinion in any mutual class. It’s a frustrating misunderstanding I feel has been bred in the journalism school by professors referring to us as the “dark side” and snickering as we introduce ourselves the first day which then carries out and develops into this epidemic. So many times I want to grab all these eye-rollers and yell, “ WE’RE NOT SO BAD! TRUST ME, WE THINK THE PEOPLE ON SPINDUSTRY ARE IDIOTS TOO!”

Unfortunately for us, this is an issue that translates into the real world outside of our JMC classes that we will continue to have to overcome. In an entry posted on The Blog Aesthetic, it spells out five things every publicist wants the media to know, and I couldn’t agree more. Here they are:

  1. Reporters help us accomplish our goals, but please remember we help you with your jobs too.
  2. We are not encyclopedias.
  3. We too deal with tyrannical, delusional bosses and soul-crushing demands on our time.
  4. Our jobs are also in jeopardy.
  5. It all comes full circle, baby. This is a tight community and if one reporters “bullish” behavior gets around, we’ll all know about it.

What do you think? Are these struggles for you as well? My point is that this is a give and take relationship. I’d love nothing more than you help you (a reporter) make your job easier, and if you happen to mention my client in the process, all the better. But don’t count us “ PR People” out.

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  1. hmick says:

    I actually just commented on a previous blog post saying the Cronkite school needs to clue the professors in on always referring to us as the “dark” side and snickering when we tell them what our major is. I definitely run across people who, after I tell them my major is PR, automatically say something along the lines of “oh, so you’re the person who twists things around.” Nevertheless, I try to explain to them what we really do, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I can definitely see the struggle to maintain a positive image for a PR specialist and am determined to change the social stigma around that’s currently against us.

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