I was reading an article about Facebook-me.com while watching an MTV True Life program about how teens are addicted to Facebook and their digital devices. A male and female on the episode were so addicted to the social media world that it caused them to break-up. I realize that this is just a reality television show, but it does happen. I have heard of people breaking up over a Facebook comment, it is pretty pathetic.

As if the world can’t get enough Faceobok, a group of developers and designers have created a way for users to export their Facebook data — updates, photos, the works — and turn it into a themed mini-blog. It is a more customized approach for Facebook data.

Here’s how it works: You connect the app to your Facebook account, then you allow the app to publish posts, comments, photos and other items. Your items are imported, then you can play around with the themes to get the look and feel you like best. Right now, three themes are available: The very Web-2.0 Rush, the magazine-like Photostream and the visually rich Glide.

I personally think their is a tofacebook-me-n of room for improvement. I was not that satisfied with the three themes. I thought that it seemed a little pointless. I expected more of a blogging opportunity, like WordPress. It was more of take everything on my profile and let the technology blog for me. I was hoping for the opportunity to actually type and blog myself.

When reading some comments about this new app I found that mostly all the comments were negative. One in particular stood out to me, “Kind of interesting how Facebook is slowly morphing into Google.”  It made me wonder, I go to both websites on a daily basis, but which one do I use more? Is Facebook eventually going to be larger than Google? One is a search engine, one is more of a social media outlet, however does Facebook have the potential to grow even larger until it takes over the whole internet. I think it is already on the way.

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2 Responses to Facebook-me.com

  1. a_hundza says:

    This is interesting to me. In a way, it’s a positive effort to expand their business model but…why? I really see no purpose in having something like this available. I guess the ones that would be using it would be those people that would break up over Facebook/because of Facebook/etc, at least for now. Maybe if Facebook sought to improve and expand the idea more people would find it useful, but for now I’m just going to see it as another useless thing online.

  2. aguido says:

    I agree that facebook is well on its way to being a major entity on the Internet. True, it already is, but it seems that it is growing so rapidly now. I myself and many others I know use the chat feature frequently, so much so that any other instant messenger programs are pretty much out of the picture. Now people can get addicted to facebook games and find out the latest news. I saw that there was a study about more and more people getting their news from sites like facebook instead of the other news sites. Now it is even taking over the digital news arena! If they started something like a blogging service similar to wordpress, I think it would be huge. People automatically log onto their facebooks when they’re online already, so I think virtually anything facebook starts up would be a hit. I am excited to see what else they come out with in the future.

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