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Everyone in the world of journalism, whether print or online, should have an idea about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and if they don’t, they are far behind the curve. SEO is the process of acquiring volume or quality of traffic to a web site or web page from search engines. This volume then attributes to the placement of the web site on the search page (whether the site appears above the fold); the higher the placement, the better likelihood Internet users will visit.

SEO is extremely important in the news world when it comes to giving headlines to stories and photographs, tagging story content and also for developing story ideas. This allows for the news stories to appear first on searches whether users search directly for the subject or if they search key words that appear in the story.

Vanessa Fox

Vanessa Fox

Many initially believe SEO to be confusing and all about HTML coding and adding key words into the web site development, but actually, SEO can be very easy.

SEO expert, Vanessa Fox, said in a lecture at ASU that SEO is all about studying the evolution of audience behavior.

“You want to make it as easy as possible for people,” she said.

Fox also add that you can do this by putting hot topic keywords into your story title and/or headings, and using links from other sites.

“If there are a lot of links from authoritative sites, the higher up on the SEO ladder you’ll be,” Fox said.

Different ways to find out what the trending and hot topic keywords of the moment include:

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3 Responses to Easy Tips on SEO

  1. ahart says:

    Vanessa actually came and spoke to my class and it was a very interesting talk. I think she pointed out many things that get overlooked when it comes to SEO and how easy it is. It’s really about finding what the niche is for whatever it is that you want to get the word out for and pitching it. Find that thing that people will pay attention to and use that to your advantage for the web.

    Google Insights is also a really good tool that I otherwise would have probably never known about. It really serves as a good tool when looking up information or researchinga company or organization. Vanessa really broke it down without using all the high tech verbage that can sometimes bog down a message. For us less knowledgeable about all the web tricks she made it a little easier to jump in.

  2. jalbaz says:

    I used to think SEO was confusing and also a way of almost cheating to get your company’s name at the top of a search result. I learned that yes, people still do use codings and ways to semi-cheat the system to get their company to the top, but SEO can come in handy in other ways. Vanessa Fox did make a clear way of expressing that SEO is not as much high tech and coding as it is just a way to get your links and words in your blog or web site noticed. We can all use SEO in the pr profession to make sure our client’s name is noted in positive ways and embed other links and keywords into our writings about them so that if someone is looking for “new trends,” and my client is Nordstrom, I can link that in my pr writings and the Nordstrom website so people searching for “new trends” can be directed to my client.

  3. ddarnell says:

    Vanessa Fox paid a visit to our Public Relations Campaigns class the other day. Her lecture on SEO was extremely informative. I didn’t know that Google Insights and Google AdWords even existed. These programs can be very beneficial to a company looking for more brand awareness. As a public relations practitioner you can also get an idea of how effective your message is and/or how people feel about your client.

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