Dbacks move to Phoenix

The Arizona Diamondbacks recently announced that this will be their last season of spring training in Tucson. The team plans to move their spring training base to Phoenix  next season. Is this a good idea? Some fans are asking why the Dbacks want to move. Tucson has been home to their training since  the team formed in 1998. The Colorado Rockies have also decided to head to the Phoenix area, which would leave Tucson  with no spring training teams and the entire Cactus League in the Valley. I feel for the fans in Tucson and the community as a whole. Many restaurants and shops in the Tucson area profit incredibly during the spring training season and will now lose a lot of business they relied on every year.

As a huge baseball fan, I’m really excited for this change and I think it IS a good idea, for many reasons. First, with so many teams that train in the Phoenix area, it makes sense that the Dbacks train where they play during the regular season. The Dbacks will be closer to their fans! The change in location also makes scheduling games easier because all of the teams will be in one major metropolitan area. Transportation will be easier and more cost effective because of all the teams will play close together. Finally, this is a great economic opportunity for the Valley. There is also talk of building a new spring training ballpark that the Diamondbacks and the Rockies would share. With so many teams in the area, I think this is a necessary move. What do you think?

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2 Responses to Dbacks move to Phoenix

  1. srugeris says:

    I don’t know if it will turn out to be a good move or a bad move in terms of profit effects on ticket sales. The Diamondback fans in Tuscan are going to be upset that they now have to take a 2 hour trip up to Phoenix to attend the spring training games when before it was right in their general vicinity. There might be a selective fan group that only attended spring training games because they don’t like traveling very far for various reasons. For example, age may be a factor, a senior citizen who used to love going to the Phoenix games but now can not travel far in the car because of health reasons may not attend for this upcoming year. Who knows, maybe because the Phoenix Valley Metro area is so much larger, the ticket sales will actually increase and there will be even happier fans attending. This will be interesting to follow up on.

  2. hmick says:

    I think that this is a GREAT move for the Diamondbacks. Moving to the city where all of your home games are will only attract more fans and bring in more revenue. I didn’t realize that once the D-Backs and the Rockies move up to Phoenix, Tucson will no longer have any spring training teams down there. I wonder what happened. Although, when I was deciding between ASU and UofA I could count many reasons why I didn’t want to live in Tucson! haha. Anyway, I think that this is strictly a positive thing for the Diamondbacks to do and that they will see a definite increase in ticket sales during the regular season.

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