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Reputation Management in the White House

Weeks after Vice President Joe Biden was caught on live TV whispering to President Obama that the signing of the health care bill was a “Big f**king deal,” its video appears on Google as the third link related to his … Continue reading

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Wrestlemania XXVI

Two weeks ago, a few friends of mine and I went to Wrestlemania XXVI at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. It was a interesting experience to say the least. The biggest surprise to me was how many die-hard wrestling … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church needs some salvation

This morning, at my home parish, St. Thomas More Catholic Church in a suburb of Denver, Colo., news broke that one of our priests, Rev. Mel Thompson, had been accused this past week of sexual misconduct with a minor. The … Continue reading

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The Future of Social Media

I recently came across this interesting article about the future of social media, specifically what social media will look like 2012. Some of the predictions mentioned include the change in privacy expectation, the complete decentralization of social networks and the … Continue reading

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Healthcare PR with a new aim

PR News reported that “Data gathered by the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that adults with chronic illnesses spend significantly less time on the Internet, which may influence the decision-making of PR professionals in healthcare.” I think that … Continue reading

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Tiger’s lose at Master’s Augusta National…what’s the PR plan now?

Phil Mickelson took home another green jacket after winning Master’s at August National this past weekend. Tiger, whom everyone was eagerly watching didn’t come close. With Mickelson’s wife fighting breast cancer, her standing at the 18th hole with tears in … Continue reading

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What is next for airlines?

“Oh, by the way, you DO know there is a cost to carry on that small bag of yours, right?” WAIT, WHAT? Now you have to pay to bring ANYTHING on a plane? I think this is absolutely ridiculous! In … Continue reading

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