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Census 2010: On a Mission

Have you received the United States Census 2010 in the mail? Better yet, have you filled it out and turned it in?  Chances are you answered yes to both those questions.  I hadn’t really been familiar about the process and results … Continue reading

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Seeking to Kill Bad Press IS Bad Press

It’s a part of the game.  When a company is publicly traded they are targeted with a great deal of public scrutiny.  Many times, companies try to avoid this or discredit those who are criticizing them.  This is only natural to defend the company’s … Continue reading

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Too Hot. Too Cold. Just Right

Today, I read a blog by Ari Herzog entitled AriWriter: Strategies and Tips on Social Media & Online Marketing.  The blog I read, “Too Many Marketing Agencies Fail to Market Themselves”, contained interesting insight into an issue I think many … Continue reading

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